Is IIT-BHU Introducing A Course On 'Adarsh Bahu' ? Here's The Truth

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Reports of IIT-BHU introducing a course on 'Adarsh bahu' has been doing the rounds

Written By Athulya Nambiar | Mumbai | Updated On:

The internet has lost its calm after reports of IIT-BHU introducing a three-month course on becoming an 'Adarsh Bahu'  (ideal daughter-in-law) went viral. Fortunately, there is no basis to the reports and no official announcement was ever made on the same. As per the reports, an independent start-up called Young Skilled India, which is incubated by BHU (Banaras Hindu University) provides professional skill development training to young girls at the Vanitha Institute of Fashion Design.

Neeraj Srivastav, the CEO of Young Skilled India said, "We focus on skill development so that when the girls go for a job they are prepared for it. This also provides companies, well-trained employees. The three-month training focuses on communication skills, presentation skills, job interview skills, stress handling and team handling skills."

 The students are trained by corporates, who groom them for their professional life. Srivastav said that he had seen several people with five to six years of experience, but lack basic presentation skills. This gave him the idea to develop a course on personality development which is not a part of the university syllabus. 

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A student of Vanitha Institute of Fashion Technology, who is all praise of the course said, "The course focuses on increasing self-confidence. They do not teach us how to maintain our relationship at home. They teach us how to behave with people in general and how to handle various situations with respect to our professional life."

Indira Mishra, assistant director of Vanitha Institute of Fashion Design, while talking about the course said,

"The course is a run by Neeraj Srivastav's startup Young Skill India, whose aim is to help the girls to present their skills in the outside world. I have seen many talented children not knowing how to present their skills and lack the confidence to do so. This course helps them increase their self-confidence. "

We can all heave a sigh of relief as there is no course on 'Adarsh bahu', but only professional skill development course exclusively for female students. 

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