ISRO Chief: Chandrayaan-2 Inspired Children About Future Prospects

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ISRO Chairman K Sivan discussed about the how the Chandrayaan-2 mission will inspire the children who were watching it Live at the ISRO monitoring centre.

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ISRO Chairman K Sivan gave an interview to Doordarshan on Saturday evening and spoke at length about the Chandrayaan-2 mission. He discussed about the how the mission will inspire the children who were watching the mission Live at the ISRO monitoring centre, saying that there is a curiosity in the children which helps them to understand better. Speaking about the children, K Sivan said that the observation of the students was right, adding that the mission was not a failure. He asserted that children keeps the team inspired because they are showing the children about the future prospects.

"There is a curiosity in the children. There is a curiosity and they can understand much better than anyone else because their mind is very clear. Their observations are fully right and the mission whatever we talked is not a failure. We have not had any setback. Yes, we have a small percentage of information we lost thats all. Otherwise, they are right. And also, that is by keeping the children we have more and more inspiration for all of us because we are showing to them what they are supposed to do in future. So that way, they learn and I am sure they would have learnt a lot of things from yesterday's visit and they will ensure to do the scientific research by this process," K Sivan said. 

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Along with this, K Sivan also spoke about how several technological inventions, including a state of the art camera to provide high-resolution images and a 5-micron wavelength system, distinguished the Chandrayaan-2 from its predecessors. Moreover, the orbiter was aimed to have a life of a year, but with the extra fuel available now, the orbiter life has now been extended to 7 years. The ISRO chief said that even though communication hadn't been received from the lander, the mission was a 90-95 % success which has become an immense source of inspiration to the children. K Sivan also spoke at length about the future projects lined up, due to which the scientists at ISRO have their hands full.

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Vikram Lander loses contact with ground station

Seconds before the touch down at the lunar surface, contact with Vikram lander was lost at about 2.1 kilometres above the Moon's surface. ISRO chief K Sivan stated that the data is being analysed. ISRO official has assured that the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter is healthy and safe in the Lunar orbit. In a major development, ISRO revealed in its latest update that the Orbiter's life span might have increased to almost 7 years instead of the planned one year due to the precise launch and mission management. 

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