ISRO Chief Lists Chandrayaan-2's Benefits For Global Science Community

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K Sivan stated Chandrayaan-2 is going to provide invaluable research material to the global scientific community for their future expeditions on the moon.

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ISRO Chairman K Sivan gave an interview to Doordarshan on September 9 and spoke at length about the Chandrayaan 2 mission. He discussed at length about ISRO's technology and special characteristics of the mission, and analyzed the loss in the communication with the lander. On being questioned about the data which the orbiter would give and how will the world look at this data, the ISRO chief said:

"Our orbiter is going around the moon in the polar orbit and you see this dual-band SR data and we can do a lot of research near the polar region so that way it is the first time such data is available to scientists globally. Also, the imaging, infrastructure the IR spectra metadata is also available for the global scientists. Also, the high-resolution imaging, you seen the high-resolution camera, will be available to the whole community."

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The ISRO chief explained how the data obtained from Chandrayaan-2 will not only be helpful to ISRO's research on the moon, but will be invaluable to scientists all over the world for their future expeditions and understanding of the moon. Moreover, since the Chandrayaan-2 will be focusing on the polar region, the scientists will benefit immensely as that has been an unexplored part of the moon. 

Along with this, K Sivan also spoke about how several technological inventions, including a state of the art camera to provide high-resolution images and a 5-micron wavelength system, distinguished the Chandrayaan-2 from its predecessors. K Sivan said that even though communication hadn't been received from the lander, the mission was a 90-95 success with the orbiter benefitting immensely to the global scientific community. 

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During the interview, K Sivan declared the mission close to 100% successful. He stated that Chandrayaan 2 had two aims - science and technology demonstration. Talking about the science part, he said that the Orbiter has achieved the science part. He shared that the Orbiter will share new data about the moon.

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