ISRO Chief Sivan: PM Modi's Motivational Speech Put Us Back On Track

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Hours after Chandrayaan 2 mission faced a technical glitch, ISRO chief K Sivan spoke on an array of issues about the mission with Doordarshan, hailing PM Modi.

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Hours after the historic Chandrayaan 2 mission, ISRO chief K Sivan praised PM Modi and regarded him as the "source of inspiration". K Sivan spoke about an array of things about the Chandrayaan 2 mission during an interview with Doordarshan on Saturday evening. Speaking about PM Modi's motivational speech at the ISRO monitoring centre on Saturday morning, following the contact with the Vikram lander to the ground station was lost seconds away from landing on lunar surface, the ISRO chief stated that the PM's speech gave motivation to all the scientists. 

"At the end, he gave a speech. He is a source of inspiration and support for all of us. His speech gave us motivation. One word that I noted from PM's speech was that he said Science should not be looked for the result, science should be for the experiment, and the experiment should lead to result," the ISRO chief said. 

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PM Modi 'source of inspiration': K Sivan

K Sivan added that PM Modi's words have always been encouraging and they put the team back on the track after the glitch in the mission.

"Prime Minister is an always great source of strength and inspiration for all of us. His words were really encouraging and when the people were slightly down with the incident towards the end of the landing phase, but his words put us back on the track and now we are working on the mission. Also now, we have many more missions in the hand," the ISRO chief added. 

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PM Modi's motivational speech

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the ISRO scientists at the monitoring centre in the morning after Chandrayaan-2's lander 'Vikram' lost contact with ground stations. PM Modi assured the ISRO scientists that the best in the space programmes is yet to come, adding that India is always with them.

"We will rise to the occasion and scale newer heights of success. To our scientists I want to say- India is with you! You are exceptional professionals who have made an incredible contribution to national progress. To our scientists, I would like to say - India is with you and the best is yet to come," PM Modi said in his speech.

PM Narendra Modi consoled ISRO Chairman K Sivan after his speech outside the ISRO monitoring centre, after he got emotional over the Chandrayaan 2 mission's glitch. 

Vikram Lander loses contact with ground station

Seconds before the touch down at the lunar surface, contact with Vikram lander was lost at about 2.1 kilometres above the Moon's surface. ISRO chief K Sivan stated that the data is being analysed. ISRO official has assured that the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter is healthy and safe in the Lunar orbit. In a major development, ISRO revealed in its latest update that the Orbiter's life span might have increased to almost 7 years instead of the planned one year due to the precise launch and mission management. 

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