ISRO Quiz Winners Are All Set To Experience Live Chandrayaan-2 Landing

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ISRO Quiz Winners in a special broadcast interview on Republic TV expressed their excitement as they will be witnessing the Candrayaan-2 Moon landing live

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In a special broadcast interview on Republic TV on Friday, five student winners from the ISRO Quiz held by the government of India competition expressed their excitement as they will be witnessing the Chandrayaan-2 landing on the Moon along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, live from the ISRO monitoring center, Bengaluru. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has selected two winners from each State and Union Territory (UT) in the country to witness the Moon landing of Chandrayaan-2. About 70 students winner from across India will be a part of this live monitoring in ISRO monitoring center.

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'Space kids ready'

Speaking about the opportunity to witness history been made by India and ISRO each student expressed their excitement. They thanked ISRO and the Government of India for letting them be a part of this history. One of the students Adwaita said, "As a student, it is a really inspirational and important moment because this is the most developed and advanced mission by ISRO in India. This mission will take us on a new level in the international space community." 

The students also mentioned that they are pleased to be in the presence of all major scientists behind this mission and also PM Modi.  Another student Manogya said, "This is a lifetime motivation for me to experience the history being made. This mission is the first stepping stone for India and after Chandrayaan-2, Gaganyaan will be a very important mission to ISRO.

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1:38 AM: Rough Braking Start(30KM)
1:48 AM: Fine Braking start(~7.4KM)
1:50 AM: Local Navigating Start
1: 52 AM: First Image of moon surface sent to Earth
1:53 AM: Vikram Touch Down
3:53 AM: Pragyan Ramp Deployment
4:23 AM: Pragyan On
5:03 AM: Pragyan Solar Panel Deployment
5:19 AM: Pragyan Rover Roll Down
5:29 AM: Pragyan Rover Touch Down
5:54 AM: Vikram Imaging by Pragyan

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What will happen after soft-landing is successful?

As India counts down to Vikram Lander's soft landing on the Moon on Saturday- 1:50 AM. Vikram will land near the lunar south pole, 71 degrees to the south of the equator and 22.8 degrees east. Once Vikram's landing is successful, the Pragyan rover will swing into action. Pragyan will emerge from Vikram on landing on the Moon and will study variations in lunar surface composition and to trace back the moon's origins. Pragyan will study the extent of water molecule distribution on the surface, below the surface and in the exosphere using its two payloads - Alpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer (APXS) and Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscope (LIBS).

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