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J&K: IGP Kashmir Calls It 'biggest Crackdown' For Army As Mudasir Pandit Gunned Down

Terrorist Mudasir Pandit along with two other terrorists were gunned down by the J&K security forces after an encounter broke late on Sunday.

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After carrying out a successful operation of killing three Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorists, Kashmir police Chief, Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Vijay Kumar spoke exclusively to Republic on Monday and briefed the operation. IGP Kumar explained how this encounter was highly triumphant as Mudasir Pandit along with one of the oldest Pakistani terrorists, Abdullah or Asrar were killed. IGP Kumar listed a number of cases in which the LeT local commander, Mudasir Pandit had taken the lives of the innocents.

As per IGP Vijay Kumar, a special team of police headed by SP Shudanshu was after Mudasir Pandit. 

"As we all know that in the last 3 months two major attacks happened in Sopore. In the first attack, two councilors and police died and in second, two civilians and two policemen martyred. Prior to this Mudasir had attacked in 2019 so we were after him with a special team headed by SP Shudhanshu and he received inputs that the three were hiding in residence of a terrorist who was killed in an earlier encounter," informed IGP Vijay Kumar.

He further added that, in the operation, an army jawan also sustained injuries however this was a major crackdown for the security forces. While answering the question of Pakistani movements on the border areas, the IGP answered that it has closed down as the security is strictly guarded there. In a massive revelation, Vijay Kumar informed that Pakistani terrorists are trying to target the Panchayat activists in Kashmir. 

Pakistani terrorists are training locals and recruiting them to carry out violence in the valley region. 

"Infiltration in border is closed as security forces are strongly guarding. Pakistan is trying to attack panchayat activists. Pakistani terrorists keep locals in front, train them and carry out attacks," added the Police Chief. 

Pakistan smuggling Narcotics in Punjab, Delhi

According to the police head, security forces are currently focusing on bringing down the narcotics which is smuggled by Pakistani terrorists in Delhi and Punjab. The money that they get through this gets distributed amongst local terrorists and it is the biggest challenge for us, added IGP Vijay Kumar. Recently, the police had busted one of the biggest narco terror modules in Baramulla. 

While answering the question of the presence of Foreign Terrorists, the police head replied that currently there are 35 to 40 FTs present in North Kashmir and one was killed last night. However, the security forces are focusing on two main aspects to bring down terrorism- abolishing drug smuggling and bringing back newly recruited terrorists while identifying potential joiners, concluded IGP Vijay Kumar. 

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