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'Exclusive' | J&K: Lt Gen DP Pandey Talks About Combating 'hybrid Terrorism', Border Infiltration

Chinar Corps Lieutenant General DP Pandey in an exclusive interview to Republic talked about ground reality of J&K that no one acknowledges, other subjects.


General Commanding Officer of Chinar Corps Lieutenant General DP Pandey, in an exclusive conversation to Republic Media Network, talked about the current situation in Kashmir, issues related to youth and other terrorist activities in the union territory. The General spoke at length about the on-ground situation in the valley and acknowledged that there have been casualties in the Union Territory. However, DP Pandey assured that the condition is improving every day. 

Commanding officer DP Pandey on changing perspective

"If we want to bring down the wrongdoings then its time to start focusing on 'ism' instead of 'ist,' explaining the concept, the General said that understanding terrorism instead of terrorists can help in the rehabilitation of the youth. 

Lieutenant General DP Pandey on the geopolitical situation:

"Today I have got enough resources in terms of man, technology, equipment to ensure that the minimum infiltration takes place. My soldiers are well trained well organised and well posted so for me it doesn't make a difference. If a person holds a weapon illegally, tries to cross the border he may be a soldier from across, or a civilian, based on the situation we will deal with it, frankly, your concern on Afghanistan or any Geopolitical situation doesn't make a difference to me," added Lieutenant. 

Hybrid terrorists present in Kashmir

"The terrorists have changed their system now there are hybrid terrorists who work, earn and have a family in the region. One day suddenly they get a call and they carry out a civilian killing and go back to their family having dinner and leading normal life. Now when the forces apprehend this terrorist, the family cries foul and blame the forces, this is how terrorists are currently working in the valley. They have started using pistols instead of AK 47 so they have now developed a new system," revealed Lieutenant General. 

Intel reports vs Ground reports

Speaking further on the presence of terrorists in the Union Territory the General added that intel reports have suggested there is an increase in presence but the ground reality states the opposite. 'However I see better times ahead,' he added. The General further talked about two perspectives prevailing in the valley:

  • A segment that talks about unhappiness and problems.
  • The larger segment that talks about the improved situation and are pretty happy. 

Lieutenant General DP Pandey on Pakistan

"Explaining how Indian and Pakistani forces work, DP Pandey added that in our case guns and headquarters are kept away from the populated areas where as their such areas quite placed in village areas. The ceasefire has proved to successful more for the people across however here also it has been helpful. 

J&K ground reality

"No one talks about the decrease in a number of forces in J&K, no one talks about the normal life that Kashmiris are now living. Life is not getting punctured by bandhs and protests and stone-pelting activities," added DP Pandey. 

In his concluding remarks, the Officer Commanding of Chinar Corps said that the youth of Kashmir needs to be brought in the mainstream line with jobs then only their rehabilitation can be assured and they don't join the terrorist groups. 

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