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J&K: Outrage Over Shopian Terror Attack; Kashmiri Pandits Stage Protest, Demand Security

Following multiple terror attacks across Jammu and Kashmir including the attack on a Kashmiri Pandit in the Shopian district on Monday, people have protested.

Image: Republic World

Following multiple terror attacks across Jammu and Kashmir including the attack on a Kashmiri Pandit in the Shopian district on Monday, protests have surfaced over the targeted killings of people in the valley. While the Jammu and Kashmir police have claimed that the attack in the Shopian district and in Srinagar was carried out by terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba, sources have further informed that another terror attack in Pulwama was carried out by Al-Badr.

In the visuals from Jammu, a group of Kashmiri Pandits can be seen raising slogans against Pakistan, protesting against the killings of innocent people. They also sought protection from such attacks.

Rakesh Kaul, who was among the protesting Kashmiri Pandits, spoke to Republic TV and said that time has come for the administration to open its eyes to the atrocities faced by the community over the past three decades.

"There are people who have deliberately closed their eyes, ears, and brains and are not doing anything despite our community facing such challenges for 32 years now. We have not done anything against our country India and have always stood beside the country's interests, but why are we facing such things? What is the reason behind this situation", he questioned. 

J&K former Deputy Chief Minister Kavinder Gupta also spoke to Republic TV on the recent attacks on Kashmiri Pandits in Jammu and Kashmir. Stating that the terrorists keep changing their patterns from time to time, Gupta added that the recent murders are directly being targeted at the Kashmiri pandits, who have recently re-settled in the terriroty.

"Whenever such plans are on the way to re-settle the Kashmiri pandits or people from other states in the Jammu and Kashmir, local informers of such terror groups provide them information, and such activities are carried out", he said. 

Efforts are being made to bring every Kashmiri Pandit back to the valley: BJP

Jammu and Kashmir BJP leader Ravinder Raina spoke to Republic TV on the re-settlement of Kashmiri Pandits in the valley. Speaking on the Centre's efforts to bring back the people to their homeland, he said that Kashmiri pandits will be welcomed with utmost respect and dignity whenever they return to their homes in Jammu and Kashmir.

Further adding that stern actions will be taken against those planning terror activities against the people, Raina said that the government along with the Indian Army as well as Jammu and Kashmir police are taking stringent measures to stop such people and further establish a terror-free place where the people can live without fear. 

Image: Republic World

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