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'Will not let Pakistan win...' J&K Sikh Delegation Stages Protest, Says Will Not Attend Services Until Security Provided

Akali Dal leader Sirsa, Sikh Coordination Panel Chief and Sikh United Front Chief spoke to Republic and informed that people will not work until assured safety.

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After Jammu And Kashmir Peoples' Forum, the Sikh community in Srinagar has now come out condemning the targeted civilian killings in the valley region. In a significant statement, the Sikh Community in Kashmir has decided amongst themselves that they will not attend any services until they are assured of security. Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee President and Akali Dal leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa spoke to Republic and asserted, "we are ready to give our life for Kashmir's security but the Government also needs to ensure our safety and take action."

Manjinder Singh Sirsa says demand is simple -- our safety. 

"We have a simple demand that Government provides security to our people. We are not going to back our and we will never let Pakistan win in their agenda. But our request to the Government is that they need to strengthen us. We will not let Pakistan's dream come true and if we get support from Govt then we will show them. We want to take actions staying under law but if this continues we will not scare away from taking things in our hands," added Sirsa. 

Further speaking for the Sikh Community in Kashmir, the Akali Dal leader said that people over there have nothing and they will not run away from the valley region so as to not leave them alone and provide security.

J&K Sikh Community protest

Sikh Coordination Panel Chief Jagmohan Raina expresses anger

"We are asking so many things but Govt is not providing us with that security. We are not happy with state affairs and Govt of India. They want to scare us and we want to assure that we are not running anywhere," added Raina. 

Sikh United Front Chairman Sudarshan Singh Wazir says people in fear

"The Union Government not being able to control the situation, the minority community is scared due to government failures. We have decided not to attend duty and services until our people in Kashmir feel secure, the killing has gone to another extent. We are surprised by what security agencies are doing. How can we work, live daily life and leave our family in such condition. We understand that Government cannot provide 100% security but they need to ateast create an atmosphere and perpetual of security. We are also aware that Pakistan is behind this brutality with a new element of Taliban in Afghanistan," added Sudarshan Singh Wazir.

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