J&K's Article 370 Scrapped: 5 Reasons Why Amit Shah's PoK Promise Was The Biggest Statement Of Intent Yet

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Home Minister Amit Shah's speech came as the final word on PoK and reflected the emotions of every Indian on Kashmir

Written By Apoorva Rao | Mumbai | Updated On:

After Congress shamefully toed the Pakistan line while speaking about Article 370 Bill, and doubted whether Kashmir issue was an internal one and also asked why was PoK not mentioned in the Bill, it compelled an infuriated Home Minister Amit Shah to set the record straight once for all.

Congress' statement asking whether PoK is included is shocking as Centre considers both Aksai Chin and Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir part of the country. Even the Indian map includes those regions as a part of Jammu and Kashmir. Congress' deliberate attempt to divide the region in its speech and play into the hands of Pakistan was a let down for every Indian.

But the Home Minister's speech came as the final word and reflected the emotions of every Indian on Kashmir.

Putting all doubts to rest in the Parliament for Congress once for all, he said, "When I say Jammu and Kashmir, PoK gets included. One second please listen to me. I want to specify this that I become aggressive when I say Jammu and Kashmir. I am being aggressive because don't you consider PoK as a part of Jammu and Kashmir? I am aggressive. We will give our lives to get back PoK. What all are you talking about being aggressive? We will give our life for this. We will give our life for this," he said. 

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The statement is significant as external and internal threats and provocation persist over the Kashmir issue. Here are five reasons why Amit Shah's statement is the biggest one on the issue so far.

1. It states on record in the Parliament India's position and claim of the region of PoK and leaves no room for any doubt what the country believes is part of its territory

2. Shah's expression of his fury over being questioned on PoK and response displays every Indian's belief that Jammu and Kashmir for them means the entire area of Kashmir. It shows Pakistan that India would never cede any of its region at any cost and will pursue the reclamation of those places with dogged determination. 

3.  It boosts the morale of every soldier dedicating his life to the country and tells him that he has the total backing of the government and the people to act against any adverse move by neighboring Pakistan.

4. It tells the Tukde-Tukde gang and any political parties who often parrot Pakistani lines on national security issues that their attempts to support 'Azad Kashmir' will be staunchly opposed and quelled when need be.

5. It shows that Modi government will walk the talk whenever necessary to protect India's sovereignty if provoked by Pakistan or any other nation 

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