J&K's Article 370 Scrapped: Amit Shah's 12 Reasons On How It Will Benefit Jammu And Kashmir

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The Bill to abrogate Article 370 saw an easy passage in the Rajya Sabha with 125 members voted in its favour and 61 voted against it. 

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The Bill to abrogate Article 370 saw an easy passage in the Rajya Sabha with 125 members voted in its favour and 61 voted against it. 

Before the voting procedure in the Parliament, Home Minister Amit Shah encapsulated 12 reasons why the scrapping of Article 370 will benefit Jammu and Kashmir. 

He said, "I know the bloodshed in Jammu and Kashmir will end after the abrogation of Article 370. The entire Parliament put forth their views, and spoke about Article 370 and Article 35A, however, most debates were on technicality. Nobody spoke about what Article 370 is doing to the people of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh. I'd like to elaborate on how Article 370 has poorly affected Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh." 

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He said: 
Refugees in J&K

1. The refugees from Pakistan went to Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra and even Jammu & Kashmir, however, the Pakistani refugees who went to J&K could not attain citizenship until today, neither could be become counsellors. Isn't it unfair with them? 

Democracy in J&K

2. Because of Article 370 democracy could never be established in Jammu & Kashmir, corruption escalated, because of it there is poverty in the valley and there has been no development. 

Education in J&K

3. Students from Jammu & Kashmir have to go around the country to garner education, and the reason for that as well is Article 370. 

Reservation for socially backward sections in J&K

4. Article 370 is also against Dalits, Adivasis, women and is the root of terrorism. Article 370 is against Dalits and Adivasis. There is no reservation for OBC, Dalit and Adivasi there. That is why Mayawati's party voted in our favour. Even the Muslim Gurjars are deprived of reservation. 

Panchayat elections in J&K

5. There were no Panchayat elections in Jammu & Kashmir. They took away the rights of over 40,000 Sarpanchas for 70 years. Who is responsible for this? Article 370.

Religious diversity in J&K

6. They accuse us of vote-bank politics. Are there only Muslims in the valley? There are Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus Buddhists and Jain in the valley. Article 370 if nice, it's good for everyone and if it's bad then it's bad for everyone. We don't do politics of religion. There was no bloodshed during elections. There was 50% voting, which proves that people in Jammu and Kashmir want democracy. 

Business in J&K

7. Article 370 has made a monopoly in the state, only they can run a business in Jammu and Kashmir. The few people who are associated with the three families have taken agencies of cement and iron. Cement is 100 rupees per packet more expensive in Jammu and Kashmir, but why? Because nobody else is permitted to run a business there, there is no competition. 

Employment in J&K

8. There is a scope for religious tourism, however, it cannot be explored. If somebody wants to set up an industry in Jammu and Kashmir, how would they do it? How will unemployment stop if industries are not set up? Why are you gripping Kashmir in monopoly? Article 370 will not benefit people, but will only benefit a few politicians. 

Health facilities in J&K

9. PM Modi's Ayushman Yojana has reached Kashmir, but where are the hospitals? Which doctor would go from Mumbai and go to Jammu and Kashmir? 

Education in J&K

10. Children from across the country between the ages of 6 to 14 got the Right to Education in 2009. Why should the children of the valley not have the Right to Education? There are no private education institutions there. There is a mental barrier of vote-bank politics. 

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Reservation in J&K

11. Terrorism took birth, grew and reached its limits but is slowly coming down now. But we have to go to the root of this. Article 370 angered the youth believing in separatism. Pakistan leveraged that and brainwashed them. The Pakistan inspired terror groups want to spread terrorism across the country but why does a youth from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Odisha not get brainwashed? Because there is no Article 370 there, no ghost of separatism. I believe ISI, Hurriyat, infiltrators have brainwashed the youth of Kashmir and between 1990 and 2018, 41,8194 people have lost their lives. Those who provoke these youths, their kids studying in London and US. But they want to keep the youth of the valley to be illiterate. We want to give a good future, education, and health to the youth of the valley. It is time for Article 370 to go. If it does not go today, we will not be able to control terrorism. 

Cultural preservation of J&K

12. I would like to appeal to the people of Jammu and Kashmir that there are so many cultures that are today with India without Article 370 and have maintained their traditions and language- Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and so on. How does Article 370 protect your culture? It protects the dynast of three families. 

Since 1950 BJP's manifesto has spoken about revoking Article 370 and it was there this time as well. 

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