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Jammu And Kashmir Govt Gives free COVID Treatment Kits To Patients Under Home Isolation

COVID-19 patients in home isolation are being contacted by the government of Jammu and Kashmir, who are being offered free COVID care kits.


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The government of Jammu and Kashmir is reaching out to COVID-19 patients under home isolation and providing them with free COVID treatment kits. COVID-19 positive patients have been receiving special COVID-19 care packages containing an Oximeter, prescription package, vitamins, cough syrup, and pamphlets of dos and don'ts during the separation time from the medical health and revenue team at their homes.

J-K govt provides COVID treatment kit

COVID-19 kits are being distributed to citizens battling the virus at home, said Anshul Garg, Deputy Commissioner of Jammu, on Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha's orders.

Dr Rohit Sharma, Tehsildar, said, "We are giving COVID-19 kits to those at doorsteps to help patients recover. It has oxymeters, health supplements and antibiotics. It will boost the confidence of those isolated at home. We have also shared our helpline numbers and giving assistance to those in need. The administration is with them and if they have any problem we instantly try to solve that. They are giving it for free which is a great thing otherwise it is quite expensive."

COVID-19 situation in J&K

Meanwhile, According to an official order issued on Sunday, up to 20,000 COVID care centre (CCC) beds are being enabled across Jammu and Kashmir for admitting Coronavirus positive patients with no or moderate symptoms who cannot be isolated at home. The order, signed by chief secretary BVR Subrahmanyam, stated that CCCs with 1,000 beds would be developed closer to rural areas in each of the 20 districts.

Also, earlier in the morning, the Congress' student wing has written to the Lt Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, requesting that medical interns be paid at least Rs 22,000 per month. According to the National Students Union of India (NSUI) president Neeraj Kundan, medical interns were not given any opportunity as frontline staff during the pandemic, who wrote a letter to the Lt Governor.

Since 8 pm on Sunday, Jammu and Kashmir recorded 526 new COVID-19 cases, 4,140 recoveries, and 63 deaths. COVID cases are currently involved in 51,475. With the latest deaths, the COVID-19 death toll now stands at 3,090.

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Picture Credit: ANI

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