Prakash Javadekar Lauds India's Growing Digital Front, Talks About Press Regularization

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Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Prakash Javadekar, while speaking at the Republic Media Summit, lauded the channel for going big on the digital front.

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Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Prakash Javadekar, while speaking at the Republic Media Summit, lauded the channel for going big on the digital front. He, while calling India's future as digital, said that PM Modi made full use of digital platforms in the 2014 elections. He further talked about how digital media is a people's platform but also that it comes with a flipside which is fake news. He talked about media freedom and also explained how any kind of freedom comes with a huge responsibility.

Javadekar's take on Media regularisation

The Minister mentioned that the government has proposed changes in the Press Registration Act where all newspapers are already registered in India. The amendments would include digital platforms to be registered with RNI. Further talking about media, he talked about the regularisation of print media and the role of advertisements in media. Adding to it, Javadekar also talked about films and their regularisation.

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He further talked about his love and preference of self-regulation and how India is changing at a rapid rate. Moving on in his speech, he spoke about how media covered Maharashtra politics and said that social media was much more interactive during the Maharashtra political scenario than mainstream media. He also talked about how the middle class is not the only aspirational class in India anymore and how everybody lives with the aspirations of development.

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Poor have benefitted under PM Modi

Javadekar praised various PM Modi's contributions via various yojanas. He said the poor have really benefitted and feel very empowered under PM Modi's reign. He said that the new poor aspirational class of India is the new face of the country. He further said that PM Modi has put India on the global map with the help of his diligent travelling. The minister reminded the country about the success of Howdy Modi and said it was a representation of the growing esteem of the nation. Expressing pride over India's growing innovative minds, he discussed about the improving condition of the environment and ecology of the nation, despite limited resources.

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As the heavy industries minister, Javadekar admitted that even though the country saw a massive slowdown in the automobile industry, it has still been covered during the festive season. He talked about communalism free India, corruption-free India and dirt-free India-three principles that India is looking at right now. Talking about the Ayodhya verdict, Javadekar lauded how there is a reduction in the Hindu-Muslim riots.

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'Modi hai toh mumkin hai'

The Minister lauded Modi for his leadership and said that under his leadership, India is moving ahead. He said that people have a lot of confidence in the Prime Minister and they feel 'Modi hai toh mumkin hai'. While talking to Republic about the criticism that the government has been receiving about over the curb of freedom of speech and expression, Javadekar said that there has been no instance where the government has ordered against any media house. He also assured the people that under the Modi government, there would be no Press restrictions.

The minister addressed the condition of Kashmir after the abrogation of article 370 and assured that foreign parties now have confidence in India and that people want to invest more and more in the nation. 

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