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JJ Hospital's Grant Medical College Students Protest 'no Short Skirt' Diktat, Says 'encroaches Our Right To Dress The Way We Want'

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:


It was a moment of disappointment for the students of a medical college in Maharashtra after when they saw a notice at the college board banning short skirts. The notice also instructed them to sit apart from men during events. The ban was introduced by authorities of Mumbai's JJ Hospital's Grant Medical College and they came up with the set of instructions after a Holi event on March 21, students said.

"The instructions were issued by Dean Dr Ajay Chandanwale and Warden Shilpa Patil. They said women must not wear short skirts, should sit apart from men at events and return to their hostels before 10 pm," students said.

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Now, the students have launched a protest. Students wore ankle-length clothes and covered their faces in protest towards the circular issued by the college.

"We condemn this decision of the college administration. It unnecessarily encroaches on our right to dress the way we want. Why should everyone be punished for the actions unruly students."

On the other hand, Dean Dr. Ajay Chandanwale has also responded to student's allegations. He said:

"The expectation from female students is that they dress appropriately. This alone was my message to the students. There was some chaos during Holi. If there is any grudge or objection, we will hear the students out".

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(With inputs from PTI)