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JUST WATCH THIS: Pakistan's F-16 Scarpers As India's Su-30 Swiftly Chases Out Rawalpindi's Attempt To Intrude Into India's Airspace

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Republic TV has accessed a video that captures the spectacular prowess of the Indian Air Force, which successfully repulsed an ill-advised Pakistani attempt to retaliate against India's precision strikes that destroyed Pak's terror launchpads. Not only did the IAF's fighters make the Pakistani fighters scarper back to Pak airspace after a brief intrusion into Indian territory, but one Pak F-16 was also shot down.

In the video, the Pakistani aircraft's jetstream can be clearly seen over the skies of the Lam Valley in J&K's Nowshera sector. The Pak jet initially appears to be heading in one specific direction but quickly makes an about-turn - evidently an emergency evasive manouver - and the reason quickly becomes clear as another jetstream becomes visible, this belonging to an Indian Air Force's Su-30.

MASSIVE: Indian Air Force Shoots Down Pakistan's F-16 That Had Intruded Into Indian Airspace 

As the Pakistani jet makes a run for it, the Indian fighter tears after it. Three F-16s had ventured into Indian airspace, of which one was shot down, crashing and burning about 3km inside Pakistan's airspace. As per eyewitnesses, a parachute was seen as the Pak F-16 was brought down.

Shortly after the dogfight in Indian airspace in which Pakistan's fighter plane was shot down flight operations at a number of airports were suspended. Pakistan, however, has barred its media from reporting on its F-16 being shot down and has issued statements pleading India to not escalate matters.

The incursion attempt by Pakistan comes a day after the Indian Air Force had successfully eliminated terror training camps in Pakistan which were functioning with full impunity. The very fact that Pakistan tried to use official assets to come into Indian air space, just a day later, is only a further corroboration of the narrative that they fully support those in the JeM, the LeT and the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen camps eliminated by India.