Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy Takes A Dig At Media, Claims Bombastic News Being Broadcast

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Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy has shared a love-hate relationship with the press ever since he assumed office in 2018.

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Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has shared a love-hate relationship with the press ever since he assumed office in 2018. The JD(S) stalwart has been irked by media reports that have been predicting the downfall of his government on many occasions. The Karnataka CM has made news lately for his emotional outbursts, largely because it became controversial. During one such an occasion on September 19, Kumaraswamy took a dig at the media but in a lighter vein.

Kumaraswamy exclaimed, " I know politics is not easy. You don't have to be apprehensive, I will ensure the government will complete its full term. This government won't be affected by anything. I know how to run it for 5 years. This is my second experience with a coalition government. I've undergone two heart surgeries. If I watch news channels these days I just can't imagine what may happen to me."

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The BJP said that Kumaraswamy is finding it difficult to administer the state because of his ill health. "Kumaraswamy has some health issues. It is because of this that he has not been able to shield the coalition government."

The Infamous Breakdown:

On July 24, 2018, Kumaraswamy broke down during a public event and his emotional comment of swallowing poison went viral. "You're standing with bouquets to wish me, as one of your brothers has become the chief minister, and you all are happy, but I'm not. I know the pain of running a coalition government. I've become like Lord Vishkant (Lord Shiva) and swallowed the pain of this government," said HD Kumaraswamy

Kumaraswamy's comment even drew the attention of finance minister Arun Jaitley.  In his blog, Jaitley remarked, "If such a coalition is a cup of poison, why even dream of inflicting it on the nation? The leader of the world’s fastest-growing economy cannot be a ‘Bechara."

Not long ago the Karnataka government drew flak for its proposal to restrict the movement of media inside the premises of Vidhan Soudha. But Kumaraswamy needn't forget that it was the same media he believed in and used to voice his opinion while he was in the opposition.

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