Karnataka Government's Move To Promote Kannada Just Ahead Of Lok Sabha Polls, Populist?

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With Kannada Rajyotsava just around the corner, the Karnataka government has come up with a new plan.

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Regionalism has played a major role in campaigns and political strategies of party's in the recently concluded Karnataka assembly elections. With Kannada Rajyotsava just around the corner, the Karnataka government has come up with a new plan.

Sources said that Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy is mulling to ensure that all administrative files other than those related to inter-state matters, the Centre, the High Court and the Supreme Court should mandatorily be in Kannada. This decision is expected to be announced on Kannada Rajyotsava i.e. state formation day which is celebrated on November 1st.

The move has been welcomed by many. The chairman of Kannada Development Authority said," I welcome the decision taken by  CM HD Kumaraswamy. This move has strengthened our efforts to promote Kannada language and culture. Senior bureaucrats must also help the government's its efforts to promote Kannada in the administration."

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While no one is questioning the intention of the move. The timing and concerns raised regarding its implementation has now come to the fore. "It's a gimmick by the chief minister of Karnataka. Kannada is already the official language of the state transactions and other processes must take place in Kannada only. If the minister or official does not follow it then its a mistake. Kumaraswamy is doing this just to cover up his government's failures."

JD(S) state spokesperson Arivalagan took a dig at the BJP for its stand. "It is not a gimmick. The intention of the government is very clear, we want to promote our state language. It is our duty to promote our language and we're doing it. It is sad that BJP which is also supposed to support us on this move is opposing it".

The irony, however, is that the government is apparently starting government English medium schools and Kannada compulsory for alternate use. Also, there are several instances where many such plans have been proposed but there has been little or no implementation. As political party's continue to debate on the matter. The plight of government Kannada medium schools is what's been forgotten. With a drastic drop in the number of students, these schools are shutting down one after the other.

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