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Kerala Education Minister Writes To State Government On Stringency Of Dress Code

State Education Minister R Bindu while speaking about the matter recalled that she used to wear churidars on a daily basis while working as a professor


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Kerala Higher Education Minister R Bindu on Friday attested that the practice of imposing sari on teachers was not favourable to the state's progressive attitude. Bindu was recalling a conversation with a young lecturer a few days ago who had shared a negative experience at an educational institute at Kodungallur. The claims were such that though the young lecturer had necessary qualifications, the staff had put forward a condition that if the teacher wanted to continue working at the institution, then she had to adhere to wearing a saree each day.

While speaking on that Bindu clarified that choice of dressing was an entirely personal matter and no one had the right to criticise or interfere in someone else's choices. 

Kerala Higher Education dept calls dress code as an 'outdated and obsolete idea'

The Higher Education department on Friday issued a letter to the state government in this regard after receiving a plethora of complaints from teachers. Most of such complaints were regarding the maintenance of dress codes in several institutions of the state, which continued to practice such stringent policing. Bindu, while speaking on the same wrote, "The government has already made clear its stance in this regard multiple times. Teachers have every right to dress as per their comfort in Kerala regardless of the kind of institutes they work at. This practice of imposing sari on our teachers is not conducive to Kerala's progressive attitude."

Bindu writes to govt post several similar complaints

State Education Minister R Bindu, while stressing upon the matter in a series of Tweets, recalled that she used to wear churidars on a daily basis while working as a professor at the Kerala Varma College in Thrissur. She added "While a teacher has several responsibilities, adhering to such outdated and obsolete ideas is not one of them. One's choice of dressing is an entirely personal matter. No one has the right to criticise or interfere in another's sartorial choices," she said.

Stating the same, Bindu went on to claim that the Higher Education Department had issued another circular regarding the same concern to the Kerala government. Take a look at the fresh circular below.

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