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EXCLUSIVE | Kerala Filmmaker Ali Akbar To Convert To Hinduism: 'Ashamed Of Hate Remarks Against CDS'

Ali Akbar on Saturday said he is giving up Islam in protest against disrespectful remarks by a section of social media over the tragic death of CDS Bipin Rawat.

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Speaking to Republic Media Network, renowned Malayalam film director Ali Akbar, who gave up his religion, said that he was shaken by the objected posts on social media over Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat's death by his religion. He also informed that he is converting to Hinduism and his name will be Ramasimha. "Unfortunately, 99% (of defamatory posts) were from my religion. So I took the decision to leave the religion," he said adding that he had expected political and CPM leaders to take action. Ali Akbar said, "I was ashamed of being a Muslim after many hate and offensive tweets on General Bipin Rawat were seen."

"All Muslims are not jihadists but all jihadists are Muslims. I can't change them but I can change myself so I am leaving my religion," he said, adding "there are so many leaders in Muslim religion but they did not speak a single word against them. They will quarrel because of Waqf board appointment but didn't say anything against anti-Indian guys."

Targeting the Kerala government, Ali Akbar said that jihadists are being promoted here. "The LDF government, as well as the UDF, are promoting the jihadists. They are keeping mum."

The filmmaker said that he is going to Hinduism where he could love anyone. "But in my religion, I could only love my belief my god and my heaven," he said adding that his Hindu name will be Ramasimha, which is the name of the person who was killed by "these guys" in 1947 for converting to Sanatan Dharma.

Kerala filmmaker Ali Akbar renounces Islam

Ali Akbar on Saturday informed that he and his wife are giving up Islam in protest against disrespectful remarks by a section of social media users over the tragic death of Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat and 12 other persons in an IAF chopper crash.

"I am not a Muslim from today onwards. I am an Indian," Ali Akbar said in a Facebook post. In the video, he also slammed those who reached with smiley emoticon on news reports related to the death of CDS Rawat and said he couldn't stand with "anti-nationals" anymore.

Akbar's decision comes in the wake of a section of members of a minority community reportedly rejoicing Rawat's death. In October, the filmmaker-turned politician had resigned from all responsibilities in Bharatiya Janata Party as its state committee member as he was "pained" by BJP's state unit's organisational action against party's state secretary AK Nazeer.

Image: PTI/ANI

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