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Kerala Man In Oman Gets Fired After He Makes An Offensive Comment On The Sanitation Of Kerala Flood Victims

Written By Athulya Nambiar | Mumbai | Published:


  • A Kerala man got fired from his job after he made an offensive comment on social media regarding the Kerala floods
  • The man before getting sacked went live on Facebook and apologized
  • The company posted the termination letter on social media

A Kerala man who works in Oman got fired from his job after he made an offensive comment on social media regarding Kerala floods. 

The company, Lulu International, immediately dismissed him from work after the comment. The man identified as Rahul Cheru Palayattu, worked as a cashier at the company's Oman branch. He made an offensive comment on the sanitation requirements of the Kerala flood victims taking relief at the camps.  He made an offensive comment in reply to a man who was talking about the need for sanitary napkins for women at relief camps. Rahul asked whether they will require condoms also. This comment did not go down well with many social media users who pointed out his insensitivity towards the issue. 

Following this, he received a termination letter from his office, who fired him for making an insensitive comment and making a mockery of the situation. The letter posted by the company on Facebook stated,"This is to inform you that we have terminated you from services with immediate effect because of your highly insensitive and derogatory comments on social media with regard to the current flood situation in Kerala, India. The HR Manager had further stated in the letter, "You are hereby instructed to hand over all your official responsibilities to your reporting manager immediately and to contact the accounts department for your final settlement.”

On Sunday evening before being sacked from his job, Rahul went live on Facebook and apologised for his behaviour and said that he will not indulge in such behaviour henceforth. He said, "I have been abused by people across Facebook and my friends for the comment and I am really ashamed of it. I know it is a grave mistake. I was not in my senses when I posted the message as I was in an inebriated state. I admit my mistake and I know I may lose my job because of this mistake."

Kerala is currently facing the worst floods ever and hundreds of people have lost their lives to this disaster. Lakhs of people have been displaced and are currently taking shelter at relief camps. Rescue and relief operations are being carried out day in and day out to ensure the safety of the people. 

Yusuf Ali MA, the owner of LuLu Company had earlier donated Rs 5 crore for relief operations carried out in the state. 


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