Kerala Nun’s Autobiography To Blow The Lid Off Sexual Harassment, Abuse In Convents

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Sister Lucy Kalapura’s to-be-published autobiography named Karthaavinte Naamathil is expected to uncover dark secrets within the Syro-Malabar Church & convents.

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Sister Lucy Kalapura’s to-be-published autobiography named Karthaavinte Naamathil (In the name of God) is expected to uncover dark secrets within the Syro-Malabar Church and convents. In the excerpts of the tell-all autobiography, the nun reveals she has been aware of several cases where the clergy has forced nuns to indulge in sexual relationships with priests, even against their wishes.

Excerpts published in a Malayalam weekly

The excerpt that has been published by a Malayalam weekly narrates the instances of young nuns and even brothers being sent forcefully to provide sexual favours or have sexual relationships with priests in the Church. It goes on to detail sexual deviation that many priests allegedly have and that the nuns are forced to cater to, despite vocalising their reluctance and disgust. 

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Sister Lucy has claimed that some priests would force nuns to strip and watch them naked for hours. While some nuns would eventually yield and consent, several others would continue to resist but would be sexually abused by their superiors.  One episode that Sister Lucy chronicles reveal that a priest who taught in a college run by the Church lived inside the convent. He was also a counsellor for sex education and would often use his room in the premises for ‘practical sessions’ and it continued unabated till his retirement. 

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Sister Lucy's personal experience

Divulging her own experiences, Sister Lucy says there have been at least four attempts of sexual exploitation on her since she became a nun. She also adds that homosexuality is rampant in convents and Church where senior nuns have sexual encounters with junior nuns and young brothers are forced to engage with priests. Making a massive charge against the Church, Sister Kalapura says one nun who had been repeatedly raped by a priest had gotten impregnated and even gave birth in the convent, even as the Church protected and supported the priest. 

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This comes just a few days after the trial in the rape case against Franco Mullakkal commenced. Sister Lucy who has been fighting alongside the complainant in the Franco Mullakkal case has also been battling the Church on her expulsion from Franciscan Clarist Congregation (FCC).  Sister Lucy was among the nuns from the Missionaries of Jesus Congregation who had dauntlessly staged a protest in Kochi, demanding the arrest of Bishop Franco Mulakkal whom one of their fellow nuns had accused of raping her on multiple occasions.

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