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Kerala's Opposition Leader VD Satheesan Calls For Setting Up COVID-19 Relief Commission

Kerala's leader of Opposition VD Satheesan demanded setting up of COVID-19 relief commission in order to revive the economy, hit hard by the pandemic.



In order to revive the economy which has been hit hard by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Kerala's leader of the opposition VD Satheesan called for establishing a COVID Disaster Management Commission. According to VD Satheesan, the COVID-19 relief commission should have experts from different sectors and submit a report to the Kerala government on measures that need to be taken. Further, the state government should implement the measures suggested by the commission, in consultation with the opposition parties.

Along with setting up a COVID-19 relief commission, the state government should also spend an amount of Rs. 10,000 to provide assistance to poor families. The Congress leader said, "This will result in the circulation of money, which in turn will return to the government in the form of taxes."

VD Satheesan slams Kerala Government's new COVID-19 guidelines

Opposition leader V D Satheesan attacked the ruling government in Kerala over the new COVID-19 guidelines and said that the decision is mocking the people with the government imposing more restrictions after announcing that it would relax the lockdown curbs. Additionally, he demanded COVID-19 vaccines at a subsidised rate in all the private hospitals, so that, vaccination drive can be ramped up in the state. While slamming the state government over new COVID-19 norms, VD Satheesan said,

 "It is not practical as 57 percent of the population have not received jabs. The government should explore options to open the markets for all seven days a week. It should see the prevailing COVID issue as a health problem and not as a law and order problem."

Apart from Congress leader VD Satheesan, other opposition leaders also slammed the state government and called the new COVID guidelines 'impractical'. As per the new COVID-19 guidelines issued by the Kerala government, shops, markets, banks, offices, financial institutions, factories, industrial establishments, open tourist spaces, and other establishments can function six days a week from Monday to Saturday. In addition, people who took at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine two weeks ago or were in possession of an RT-PCR negative certificate taken 72 hours earlier would be allowed inside shops, banks, and other establishments in the state.

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