Launching New 'sanskaari' Clothing Line, Baba Ramdev Focuses On A Feature Other Than Patanjali's Well-known 'Swadeshi' USP. Read Here

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Ramdev Baba gives a tour of his Patanjali Paridhan store, introducing to his varied products. He claims that Patanjali against animal cruelty and violence

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After announcing the launch of Patanjali’s new endeavour, the face and founder of the brand, Ramdev Baba, gave a tour of his store ‘Patanjali Paridhan.’

Encompassing over 3000 products of diverse materials, the products hold more than a bit of Indian-ness in their persona. Along with the new store, Patanjali will launch the three brands under its umbrella- LiveFit, Astha and Sanskar. 

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He mentioned how the entire process of establishing this fashion extension was completed in around 2-years. Emphasizing on his products, Ramdev detailed on how his products are cruelty-free, environmentally friendly and hold the gist of India

He shared, “As global warming is encircling us, to protect us, our nation, environment and livelihood of these hazardous chemicals that are spreading, Patanjali is free of  harmful chemicals.”  

Walking around the store to personally introduce his products he further added how Patanjali stands against animal cruelty. 

He said, “Patanjali is against leather. We are against people butchering cows for food or to make leather. To emphasize on details, the baby in the womb of a cow is aborted to obtain the soft skin, that sells the most expensive in the market. This is sheer animal-cruelty; I'm not talking about Hindu-Muslim or speaking of religion but this is about violence and cruelty that I'm against."

Showing his garments to the media, touching the fabric he asserts that the quality of his clothing is better than leather. 

"This is sort of artificial leather. The belts are made up of this, these handbags that women can use to keep their necessities. We have also introduced jute products and given an Indian-perspective to the products," Ramdev added. 

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Giving a tour of the entire store, Ramdev goes around showing 'interesting' home textile materials. On Sunday November 4, Ramdev announcing the launch had mentioned how this brand will a 'gift' to India on Dhanteras. 

He added, "To improve the wealth and prosperity of the nation, and to shield the country from the plundering foreign companies, Patanjali Paridhan would be a gift to the nation on Dhanteras. Aastha, Sanskar and Livefit." 

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