Libra Horoscope September 23: Love, Work, Finance, And Health

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Librans may have a good day ahead. Here is the Libra daily predictions and horoscope. Read more to know what to expect regarding love, career, family and health

Written By Sahil Mirani | Mumbai | Updated On:

Libra is an air sign, and Librans are calm, calculating, cerebral, and charming. Librans possess a natural cleverness and a swift humour that make them amazing company to be with. Libra is the most charming of the group. Librans are best known for their love of balance. They are ruled by Venus, the planet that governs love, beauty, and money.

Libra – What to expect today

This day is going to be right for all you Librans. The need for socializing might take you on a route to good connections. Going out and getting back in the world might seem the most suitable thing for you right now. You still have to tie up loose ends and find closure on issues that may be taking away your energy. Family responsibilities might have kept you very busy, and the coming weeks may be suitable for you delegating some of them or finding a way to lessen your load.

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There may be a slight hitch today when it comes to love and romance. A problematic emotional area might have chances to be healed. How you cope with this depends on you and your belief in overcoming your fears and work together to solve the problem. The sooner you start your day, the better it is for you. Today's match for love is going to be Cancer. 

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Taking advantage of new opportunities might a suitable thing for you to do, and it will not be a task for Libras. Your masculine and feminine energies are working in each other's favour, which will have a positive effect on you. Your shared investments and property may require your attention. You and your partner should be on the same page regarding money matters. 

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You might get some great ideas from your business partners and co-workers. This might be a perfect time for signing deals and contracts or writing a book. You might have some intense discussions, but your meeting will go well. You might want to clear your pending work and clear your backlogs. The most compatible sign for you today may be Pisces.

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You may ignore your need for balance because of a busy schedule. Health is likely to take a back seat. Consider having food that makes you feel light yet satisfied, energised, and happy. Today's planetary configuration helps by encouraging you to reexamine your habits.

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