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Lies On Yakub Memon's Grave Renovation Busted, April 2021 Clip Show No LED Lights, Marble

In the video from April 2021, Kabrastan chief Shoaib Khatib is seen standing in front of Yakub Memon's grave which did not appear to be decorated or revamped

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As new facts come to light in the glorification case of Yakub Memon's grave, an old video surfaced on Friday, refuting the claim that the grave of the convicted terrorist was not recently beautified. In the video from April 2021, Bada Kabrastan chief Shoaib Khatib is seen standing in front of Yakub Memon's grave which did not appear to be decorated or revamped, as is seen in recent pictures that have surfaced online. 

The video was captured to announce the temporary closing of the mosque. However, in the background, no marble tiles or LED lights were seen around the grave of Yakub Memon, the convicted terrorist in the 1993 Mumbai blast. 

A major controversy has erupted over purported photos showing a "beautified" grave of Memon at Bada Kabrastan in south Mumbai. The LED lighting arrangement was allegedly removed after its photos surfaced online. 

When questioned about the shocking glorification of the terrorist's grave, Khatib claimed that photos were outdated and the marbles were installed long before.

As the incident sparked outrage, Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Thursday ordered the formation of a committee for investigation.

Threat to build permanent grave for Yakub Memon

Yakub Memon was convicted for his involvement in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts that killed 257 people and left more than 1400 injured. He was hung at the Nagpur Central Jail on July 30, 2015. His brother Tiger Memon is one of the prime suspects, who is believed to be hiding in Pakistan.

Earlier today, Republic learned that a former trustee of Juma Masjid which manages Bada Kabrastan had complained to the Mumbai Police about receiving a threat call from Tiger Memon's close aide Rauf Memon. In the letter dated January 6, 2020, the trustee claimed that Rauf Memon threatened him to build a permanent grave for Yakub, failing which he will be killed. However, no action was taken on this letter, sources revealed.

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