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'Love, Blessings': Teary-eyed Woman Hugs PPE Clad Doctor After Winning COVID-19 Battle

“It's really appreciable, words won't be enough to show gratitude to the Doctors, Nurses,” one said, appreciating medics fighting COVID-19 in frontline.


(IMAGE: Facebook/Tanmoy Dey) 

The nursing staff, caregivers and medics have been at the forefront in the fight against the hard-hitting coronavirus variant wave surge across India. Medically and emphatically the doctors have been braving the pandemic, uplifting their ailing COVID-19 patients in the intensive care wards as a beacon of positivity under critical circumstances. The country has been grappling to meet the acute oxygen shortage and medicine scarcity due to the onslaught of infections, which as of Wednesday, hit the grim milestone of 382,315, highest recorded by any country worldwide. Amid such challenging times, a "story of recovery" of an elderly patient from the severe SARS-CoV-2 disease is winning hearts on the internet. 

In a heartfelt post shared by a hospital, a 75-year-old ‘eary-eyed lady at the Medical College in Kolkata was seen hugging her doctor packed in his medical gear in a gesture of thankfulness. Shared on Facebook by a user Tanmoy Dey, the post that has sentimentally moved the internet shows the elderly woman who recently recovered from COVID-19 expressing gratitude to her doctor. The healthcare hero saved the elderly woman's life with resilience, medical treatment, and strength as doctors across the country have been able to cure many such patients with their expertise, beating the novel coronavirus. “A 75-year-old grandmother recovered and went home after 10 days of hard fight,” read the caption to the post. “While leaving, hugged a doctor who fought for her, filled with love. What can be a better picture than this? These pictures are the inspiration to fight,” it added. 

In the images, the elderly woman who defeated the virus clings to her PPE clad medic clinching his hand and pecking a kiss for helping her through the recovery and being incredible support in the tough times. She gives an overwhelmed thanks right before her send-off from the hospital, as her story inspires others to fight through these tough times.  Despite her age, which falls under the high-risk category and vulnerability to COVID-19, the woman fought her battle with COVID-19, defeated the virus, and was readying to be discharged. The powerful moment pushed many to thanks the efforts of the valiant corona warriors, the doctors, and nurses who are on the frontline to save lives.

Internet salutes 'healthcare heroes'

“It's really appreciable, words won't be enough to show gratitude to the Doctors, Nurses,” one said. “It wouldn't have been possible without you all, thank you.” Another commented, “Thank you is not enough for all the doctors, nurses, and all the staff of Kolkata medical college. I bow my self to the great work done at this hospital to instill the belief in mankind and restore faith in humanity during these distressing times.” Meanwhile a slew of hearts poured in for the medic whom the commenters called “a superhero.” 

(IMAGE: Facebook/Tanmoy Dey)

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