Maharashtra Lottery Results And Updates | Akshay | October 16

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Maharashtra provides multiple lotteries, Akshay Lottery being one of them. Read on to know about Maharashtra lottery results, announcements and updates.

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The Maharashtra State Lottery came into existence from April 12, 1969. The state conducts various lotteries on a daily and weekly basis. The Maharashtra state lotteries hold Akshay Weekly lottery on Wednesdays. The results for the Maharashtra lottery will be announced by 4:15 pm. The lotteries conducted by the Maharashtra state are legal under the amendment. The Akshay Weekly Lottery results will be announced soon. The state government has brought this lottery to existence so that the common man does not fall prey to duplicate lottery tickets.

Prizes to be won in the Akshay Lottery

The first prize winner of the Maharashtra Lottery gets to take home a huge sum of ₹ 7 lakhs. The second prize winner of the lottery gets awarded with ₹ 2,000. The third prize winner gets to take home ₹ 1,000. The fourth prize of the Maharashtra Lottery winner gets awarded with ₹ 500 and fifth place winners get ₹ 200. A sixth prize of ₹ 100 would be awarded to candidates with random numbers. Apart from all of these winning prize amounts, there are multiple consolation prizes. Multiple consolation prizes worth ₹ 7,000 are awarded to randomly selected numbers.

Other Maharashtra State Lotteries over the week


Maharashtra Lottery announces “Sagar Lakshmi” lottery on Mondays

Maharashtra Diamond Mini


Maharashtra Lottery announces “Padmini” every Tuesday


Maharashtra Lottery announces “Akshay” Lottery results every Wednesday

Maharashtra Platinum Mini


Maharashtra Lottery announces “Akarshak Pushkaraj” lottery results every Thursday

The state also announces Mini Gold Lottery on Thursdays


 The Maharashtra Lottery announces Vaibhav Lakshmi Lottery results on Fridays


The Maharashtra Lottery announces the winners of Maharashtra Lakshmi Lottery results

There is one more lottery titled Maharashtra Silver Mini

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Important things to remember

Maharashtra gets a lot of participation in lotteries. A large number of people enrol themselves for bagging the lottery award. But there are few things to remember for the Maharashtra Lottery. The ticket holders should keep their tickets intact with them. If the lottery winner fails to present the original ticket, then he/she shall not be given the prize money. Also, the lottery ticket should not be torn or damaged. The winner should carry a proper identification card along with passport size photographs.

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