WATCH Major Gaurav Arya Shut Down Pakistan Panelists As India Strikes

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Major Arya, Republic TV's Consulting Editor - Strategic Affairs, systematically shut down Pakistani panellists, even as Indian Army hammered Pak terror bases

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Following the Indian Army retaliating to Pakistan's infiltration attempts and ceasefire violations by hitting as many as 7 terror camps along the Line of Control (LoC), Major Gaurav Arya, appearing on Poochta Hai Bharat on Republic Bharat, has made abundantly clear to any Pakistanis who may have any false illusions that their nefarious actions will draw a reaction that they will not be able to withstand.

Lauding India's action against Pakistan, the Major said, "For us, if you hit us with pebble we will hit you with mountain, that's our answer. (Eit ka jawab humare yaha pathar nahi pahad hota hai). In the last 30 years, 42,000 Indians have been killed. Who is responsible?"

Major Arya, Republic TV's Consulting Editor - Strategic Affairs, proceeded to systematically shut down Pakistani panellists who, among other things, had resorted to making personal and lowly remarks.

Panic in Pak: Indian Army wipes out 7 PoK terror camps, 50 terrorists

Major Gaurav Arya hails Indian Army for destroying terror camps 

As terror camps in Pakistan were struck by the Indian Army, killing over 50 terrorists, Major Gaurav Arya lauded the Indian Army. He said that India has 'spoken in the language that the neighbours understand.' He further said that Pakistan will now attempt to hide the casualties as they consider 'terrorists as civilians' of the country. 

Indian Army's counter: Here's where Pak terror bases were obliterated

He said, "This is vertical escalation of the best kind. I am given to believe that multiple barrel rocket launchers have been used, and the entire area has been absolutely flattened, they sort off declared an emergency there and hospitals are on standby. This is the only language that Pakistan understands, I have been saying this in each of Arnab's debates. Now that you have raised the temperature, you have unleashed your MBRLs, now see all this nonsense Pakistan keeps on doing on the border. It will come down drastically, today we have spoken in the language they understand. Happy days are ahead."  

'Language Pak gets,' says Major Gaurav Arya on India's counter-strike

Indiana Army's counter

In a massive retaliation to Pakistan's attempts to infiltrate into India along the Line Of Control (LoC), sources have said that the Indian Army has struck as many as 7 terror camps operating across the LoC, killing as many as 50 terrorists, if not more. As per reports, the counter came in response to 7 Pakistani SSG commandos trying but failing to infiltrate in the Tangdhar sector to carry out a BAT action. Upon the Indian Army receiving the information, all seven Pak commandos were eliminated, with Pakistan reportedly letting their dead bodies remain unclaimed 300 meters inside the Pakistan side of LoC.

Major Gaurav Arya commends Indian Army strikes in PoK

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