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'Make As Many Laws As You Want, We Will Only Follow Our Religion': SP Leader Azam Khan Ahead Of Triple Talaq Bill Being Tabled In Parliament

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:


  • Amid the debate over Triple Talaq bill, SP leader Azam Khan has said that he will follow the values of Muslim religious text Quran only
  • Meanwhile, BJP leader Vijay Goel said that it is a big day for Muslim women as they will free from Triple Talaq

Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad is going to introduce the Triple Talaq Bill, protecting the rights of married Muslim women and prohibiting divorce by pronouncing 'talaq' by their husbands, in the Lok Sabha on Thursday. Amid the debate over the politically sensitive Triple Talaq Bill, Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan on Thursday resisted the introduction of the bill in the Parliament saying that no matter how many laws they make to change the 'Triple Talaq ' in the Lok Sabha, they will follow the values embedded in their religion.

"If any woman does not want to stay with her husband, then you cannot stop her. You can make as many laws as you want. We will follow only the values of our religion. We will not follow anything other than our values, you can make as many laws as you want. Who can force women to stay with her husband if she does not want to stay? What law will you bring for those men who don't want to let their wives stay and then they are sitting on the seats as the lawmakers."

Further, Azam Khan went on to target the RSS workers questioning the government saying why it is not sympathizing with other women.

"Why are they not sympathizing with other women? Why they sympathizing with the ones behind the masks(Burqa) where only their eyes are visible. And then sometimes RSS workers are found behind the Burqa, whenever it is taken off", said the SP speaking to the reporter.

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Later, adding that the procedure Talaq(divorce) is inscribed in detail in Muslim religious text Quran, he said that termed the divorce other than Triple Talaq as a 'crime'.

"The entire procedure of the divorce is detailed in the Quran. No one can disobey the Quran. Divorce that takes place following the Quran's procedure is divorce, but divorce that does not follow that procedure is a crime."

However, contradicting to the remarks made by the Samajwadi Party leader. Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Vijay Goel says that it is a big day for Muslim women today since they all will be from the Triple Talaq. 

"It is a big day for Muslim women. They have been facing the injustice for the past one thousand years. Modi government is going to pass the bill against the Triple Talaq. It could have happened in 2017, but certain state Congress governments were opposing the decision. The Cabinet passed the ordinance and now they are going to free all Muslim women from the Triple Talaq", said the BJP leader.

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Meanwhile, the Triple Talaq Bill will be taken up for discussion in the lower house. If the discussion goes on smoothly, there will be voting to pass the Bill. For the Bill to be passed it needs more than half the strength of the lower house, which is 545 votes. Since the BJP has the majority in the Lok Sabha with 268 members, and its allies such as the Shiv Sena support the Bill, it could be passed in the lower house of the Parliament.