Man Gets Penalised By The Police For Putting Up 300 Hoardings For Girlfriend!

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In a grand gesture of love, a man puts up 300 hoardings to apologise to his girlfriend.

Written By Radhika Sarkar | Mumbai | Updated On:

In a grand gesture of love, a man from Pune named Nilesh Khedekar decided to cover the Pimpri Chinchwad area of Pune with 300 hoardings in an attempt to apologize to his girlfriend that he calls 'Shivde'. The 25-year-old is an MBA aspirant, who states that his main motive to do this was for his girlfriend to forgive him and come back to him. Khedekar revealed that he had a few differences with his girlfriend 'Shivde' and so he decided to come up with this grand gesture and also conned his friend into helping him. Although, teh gesture might be liked by many of the hopeless romantics thought that the idea was very stupid and annoying. The 300 hoardings were put up in the area his girlfriend lives in order to grab her attention. But, seems like the police and the residents of the area are the ones who noticed it first and registered a complaint about illegal hoardings. The 25-year-old spent a total of Rs 72,000 on the hoardings. Reports suggest that once the police received a wide range of complaints, they went to various flex stores and enquired about the illegal hoardings and received the contact of Khedekar. Although, we have no idea how his girlfriend reacted to his grand gesture or if she forgave him, we do know that the municipal corporation officials are planning on penalizing him, because of his royal gesture. As the news of this incident spread like wildfire, many Netizens thought that his gesture was downright stupid and annoying. 

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Here are some of their reactions! 

In the age of digital media, there are various other methods in order to resolve a fight, and although Khedekar is getting penalized for his action, we do hope that he and his 'Shivde' resolve their argument after this fiasco. 

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