‘Man Vs Wild’: Here's What The Prime Minister Said When Bear Grylls Handed Him A Weapon

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The much-anticipated episode of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appearance on ‘Man vs Wild’ finally was released on Monday. PM-Bear Grylls made a makeshift spear, but PM said we should leave it to God.

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It was the first time Bear Grylls came to India for his episode witj PM Narendra Modi.

The much-anticipated episode of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appearance on ‘Man vs Wild’ finally hit the screens on Monday.  The episode became the most talked-about topic on Twitter as soon as it aired, showcasing the massive popularity of the two. There were numerous light-hearted, intense and fun moments during the show, but one of the best was when PM Modi and Bear Grylls made a makeshift spear in the possibility of a tiger coming in front of them. PM, however, asserted that his beliefs don’t allow him to take a life and that we should leave everything to God. 

PM-Grylls prepare for tigers

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During the episode, Bear Grylls told that the Jim Corbett  National Park is home to 250 tigers. The camera even focusses on some of them. The adventurer was keen that they needed to be prepared in case a tiger comes in front of them. 

PM Modi even takes out the knife and string from Grylls'bag and they go about creating the spear. As Bear Grylls highlights the ferocious nature of the tigers, PM tells him, “The Almighty will take care of everything.  Leave everything to God and you will never face any problem." 

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PM holds weapon only for Grylls

However, Bear Grylls felt being ‘unarmed’ in front of a tiger was not a chance they should take. He then explains to the Prime Minister how he should use the weapon in case a tiger comes in front of him.  

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However, PM says, “My beliefs don’t allow me to take a life. But I will still hold this for you.” 

The duo also discussed Jim Corbett, and PM shared what he knew about his achievements. 

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