SENSATIONAL: Mani Shankar Aiyar Went To Pakistan's Lahore Before Shaheen Bagh, Claims BJP

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In a sensational revelation on Wednesday, BJP stated that senior Congress' Mani Shankar Aiyar had visited Lahore before joining the Shaheen Bagh protests.

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In a sensational revelation on Wednesday, BJP stated that senior Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar had visited Lahore on January 13 just before he visited the Shaheen Bagh protests and levelled an indirect attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Republic accessed a video dated January 13, which does hint at Aiyar participating in an event in Lahore. In that event, he expressed great despair over the state of affairs in India.

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In a reference to the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests, he said that this was a popular counter revolution. Moreover, he gave a religious colour to the CAA by alleging that it was discriminatory to the Muslims. Furthermore, the senior Congress leader opined that PM Modi was facing an ideological rebellion across the country. 

In his address at Shaheen Bagh, Aiyar remarked, "Whatever I can do personally for you, I am ready to do that. Jo bhi qurbaniyan deni hon, usme main bhi shaamil hone ko tayaar hun. Ab dekhein ki kiska hath mazboot hai, hamara ya uss (wo) kaatil ka? (Whatever sacrifices need to be given, I am ready for the same. Now let's see whose hand is strong, ours or that murderer's?)"

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This is the YouTube video:

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'You are Indians because you belong to India' 

Protests againt the CAA have been going on at Shaheen Bagh in the national capital since more than a month. Addressing the gathering on Tuesday, Aiyar claimed that the CAA and the National Register of Citizens were distractions. He also added that nobody had the right to ask any citizen to produce proof. 

He said, "To distract your attention from their shortcomings, they are bringing in CAA, NRC. But the women of Shaheen Baug are more intelligent than them. You have shown them, we cannot be cheated. I would like to extend my gratitude. You came out by yourself, and you said we don't need a politician or political party. You came out, leaving your homes and families, and sitting here for the past 30 days because we are the citizens of this country. It is our right because we are from here. What is their right, that you are asking us to produce proof? You are Indians because you belong to India. And nobody has a right to ask you who was your grandfather, where was he born." 

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