Manjinder Singh Says, 'Congress Frustrated' As Party Mocks Sastra Puja

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Manjinder Singh Sirsa has slammed Congress leader Alka Lamba's comments as she mocked the 'Shastra Puja' performed by Rajnath Singh on Rafale aircraft.

Written By Jay Pandya | Mumbai | Updated On:

Akali Dal leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa has slammed Congress leader Alka Lamba's comments mocking the 'Shastra Puja' performed by Rajnath Singh on Rafale aircraft. Speaking to Republic TV about Lamba's tweet, Sirsa said, "First of all, I do not understand why Congress is making an issue out of it. Whether it is a Sikh or a Hindu, Shastra Puja is the culture of our country. Even we Sikhs, perform Shastra Puja, our Guru's have said it to us that the weapons are our masters, so doing a Shastra Puja is not related to a religion." 

'Congress is frustrated'

The Akali Dal leader said, "Rafale is a weapon and Rajnath Singh performed its Puja, I don't understand why Congress is making a fuss out of it. I think this is frustration because of the way Congress took a stand on Rafale, somewhere they feel embarrassed today. This is the only reason they are adverting this issue. Shastra Puja is the culture of this country and not just the culture of any particular religion and that is why the people who are making an issue out of it are speaking against the culture of the country and not just any particular religion."

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Sirsa's take on Congress and Pakistan

Manjinder Singh Sirsa expressing his views on the alleged fake news campaign by Pakistan and Congress on the Rafale issue said, "It was not just these people, they in association with Pakistan did all of this. Today I think, neither Pakistan has an answer to the  Rafale nor these Congressmen do. This is their frustration speaking out and they are making an issue out of this. I cannot understand why Congress is speaking the same language as Pakistan." Sirsa added, "Rafale is not just for any particular religion, it is for the entire country." 

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Lamba mocked 'Shastra Puja'

Congrees leader Alka Lamba mocked the 'Shastra Puja' performed by Rajnath Singh on the new Rafale aircraft as he emblazoned it with an 'Om' tilak and laid flowers and coconut, just before he was to take off in it for a sortie. On Tuesday, October 8, Alka Lamba took to Twitter and said, "Think now, France made Rafale has not even reached India and the first major success is achieved  by squashing two green lemons and saved India from the eyes of the evil." 

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Alka Lamba also tried to give a religious spin to the Rafale deal in another tweet. She tweeted, "Today if former Defense Minister A.K Antony would have been the Minister of Defense, or former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam had got this fortune today, would he have taken the Bible and the Quran in his hands and would have done the same according to his religion, which the Defense Minister has done according to his religion? What would have happened?" 

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