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Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi Speaks To COVID-19 Survivors; Hyd Techie, Agra Man Share Experience

During his Mann Ki Baat address, PM Modi spoke to two COVID-19 survivors. A Hyderabad techie and a 73-year-old Agra man shared their recovery experience.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his 'Mann Ki Baat' address on Sunday, assuaged Indian citizens' fears around the Coronavirus. India, like numerous countries in the world, are worried about the COVID-19 pandemic. The nation is currently under a lockdown to prevent further spread of the infection, with the cases going over 900 and 25 deaths.

The PM spoke to two survivors and shared their experiences during the radio telecast.

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“Recently I spoke with a few persons over phone and lifted their morale and in the process, my morale has also been lifted. I have learnt a lot from them. I strongly felt that I must share the experiences of these friends with you,” the Prime Minister introduced the two.

The first survivor he spoke to was Ramaganpa Teja, an IT professional from Hyderabad. PM asked, “I have heard you have recovered from the Coronavirus?” 

Teja replied, “I work in the IT sector, and I had gone to Dubai for a work meeting, and I accidentally contracted the virus. I started experiencing fever on return, After five-six days, the test were conducted and it came positive, I was admitted to Government Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad, got treated for 14 days and was discharged when I was recovered”.

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PM Modi then asked him, “You might have heard that the virus is scary and how it was troubling numerous people so how was your reaction?” “Initially I got very scared. I didn’t believe it initially since only 2-3 people had got it then and that’s how it was for the first 2-3 days. However, the doctors and nurses were very good, they used to call me every day,” Teja replied.

He added, “Assuring me of my early recovery, doctors would talk to me 2-3 times a day, nurses would call often. So then I felt that if I am with such good people who know their job well, so I felt I will get better.” 

On the PM being curious about the family’s reaction, he replied, “They were also very tensed at the beginning. They were also tested. And the result coming negative was a blessing for all of us. Then the doctors would also share the recovery updates with them."

'What precautions were taken for the family?', asked the PM. “Doctors had shared that even after discharge I should stay at home in my room for 14 more days. I wear the mask frequently and handwashing was important,” Teja replied. 

PM also asked him to make an audio of his experience and shared that if it could go viral, people won’t be so scared about Coronavirus.  

Teja agreed, “People are thinking of quarantine as like a jail, but people should know that government quarantine is for them only. So I’m telling people to conduct tests and that home quarantine is not stigma.”

“One can see how he was successful in beating coronavirus only by following the instructions,” PM replied.  

The Prime Minister also spoke to 73-year-old Ashok Kapoor from Agra. Kapoor shared his story, “ My two sons had gone to Italy for a shoe fair; we have a shoe manufacturing unit here. My son-in-law, who lived in Delhi, had also gone, and he got fever so he visited the Ram Manohar Lohia hospital, and he tested positive, so he was shifted to Safdarjung Hospital. So we got a call that our two sons should also get tested, and they went to the Agra district Hospital to do so, and they asked their family to also join.” 

“Six of us were tested positive, me, my wife, my two sons, my daughter-in-law and my grandson and were asked to come to Delhi. We didn’t get scared, we were happy that at least we got to know of the infection. We went to Safdarjung Hospital via two ambulances and everything was free, arranged by the Agra district authorities, so I am grateful to them,” he added. 

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“Doctors were ready as soon as we reached and all six of us were given separate rooms. The rooms were nice, we lived there for 14 days, doctors treated us well,” Kapoor added.

Kapoor also revealed that his 16-year-old grandson had to miss his ICSE exams, but he asked the youngster to not bother about it at all.    

“Your confidence proved handy, you even motivated your family, “ PM replied.

Kapoor responded, “We wouldn’t meet but supported each other, by talking on call, We are all grateful to the staff and the nurses.”

He added, “We have made videos and shared it with channels, and they have played it too. We have also asked the citizens of our colony to not panic.”

PM agreed with the senior citizen and asserted the importance of ‘taking the right step without panicking.’

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