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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be addressing the 50th edition of Mann Ki Baat radio program on Sunday, November 25.

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Update at 11:55 AM:  I am happy about the fact that though Radio, Mann Ki Baat is gaining more popularity. However, it's not only through Radio, but people are also connecting through TV, FM, mobile, Internet, Facebook LIVE, Periscope, Narendra Modi App. From the core of my heart, I thank you all for showing your faith in us. 

Update at 11: 48 AM: #Indiapositive has been both discussed and appreciated widely and this is an insight to the kind of positivity which is spread in our society. People have shared their experiences and they feel that through Mann Ki Baat, a kind of eagerness to volunteer for something has increased. A change has come, in which people are coming to serve the need fulls of the society in large numbers. 

Update at 11: 44 AM:  Most of them felt that Mann Ki Baat has spread the essence of positivity in Mann Ki Baat. Most of them felt that Mann Ki Baat also gave momentum to people's movement. 

Update at 11: 40 AM: Recently, Akashwani conducted a survey on Mann Ki Baat, and Some of the feedback from the survey really fascinated me. Among those, who were surveyed, almost 70 percent of them are regular with the discussions of Mann Ki Baat. 

Update at 11: 34 AM: From far off villages to Metro cities, from farmers to young professionals, and thus began the journey of Mann Ki Baat. Every month, after going through, lakhs of letters, phone calls, comments on MYGov and App, and combining them into a concrete idea, we have successfully completed the 50th episode of the show.

Update at 11: 33 AM: When I became Prime Minister, it was natural for me to focus towards this powerful tool of communication. In 2014, when I held the office of PM, I had a strong desire to connect people and talk to them about our country's unity, culture, traditions, unity, past victories, geographical and cultural diversity, motivations, sacrifices, devotions. I started this journey to connect to the people of this country. 

Update at 11 25 AM: This incident made me believe in one thing that radio connects everyone and this medium is a powerful source of information to the nation. The amount of reach and impact of radio communication is unparalleled. 

Update at 11 13 AM: In 1998, when I was working with BJP in Himachal Pradesh, in May and I was going to a place in the evening. By evening it's generally chilled on hills and I stopped for a cup of tea, and when I ordered tea, I saw the roadside tea cart owner was himself making the tea. The owner offered me a laddo and said take laddo before you take tea. I became quite curious and asked why are you offering me this is there any marriage ceremony taking place at your home. But he said no sir. He said that India has exploded a bomb. He told me to then listen to a radio and surprisingly the discussion was going on about the same. It was that auspicious day when India conducted Nuclear tests and our the then Prime Minister Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee had addressed the media and this owner listened to his address on the radio which made him happy. 

This made me think that a common man selling tea in a remote jungle on the hilltops was so influenced to the hilt by the news aired on radio. 

Update at 11: 11 AM: PM Modi says, your question is pertinent because in today's generation, Radio is almost forgotten, then why Modi chose this medium to address the nation. I would like to tell you a story. 

Update at 11:07 AM: This time most of your letters and phone calls are on completion of 50 episodes. Anshu Delhi's Kumar, Amar Kumar and Patna's Vikas Yadav, Delhi's Monica Jain, West Bengal's Prasenjeet Sarkar, and Nagpur's Sangeeta Shastri have asked a common question on Narendra Modi App and the question is why I Chose Radio to connect with people

Update at 11 AM:  PM Modi addresses the nation: My fellow countrymen, namaskar, October 3, 2014, on the auspicious occasion of Vijay Dashami, through Mann ki Baat, we all started a new journey altogether. Today marks the 50th episode of Man Ki Baat. This is the golden episode. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be addressing the 50th edition of Mann Ki Baat radio program on Sunday, November 25. 

He will be sharing his thoughts on various issues, with the people spread all across the country and the world through All India Radio broadcast starting at 11 AM on November 25.

The Mann Ki Baat radio broadcast by Prime Minister Narendra Modi started months after him assuming the prime minister's office. The first episode of the monthly radio program was broadcasted on October 2014. The highlight of this episode was Prime Minister Modi's insistence on the usage of Khadi products, which subsequently boosted the sale of such products by over 100%.

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The last episode of Mann Ki Baat program was aired on October 28. During that day's address, Prime Minister Modi outlined the IT for society initiative for promoting selfless service, acknowledged the contribution of Sardar Patel for uniting India and also paid homage to army soldiers and their families on the occasion of Infantry day.

As the last address was broadcasted days before the festival of Diwali, Prime Minister Modi has also urged people to buy indigenous products in order to support countrymen. He had also requested farmers to give up the practice of stubble burning in order to curb air pollution.

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In the past, American President Barack Obama had also joined Prime Minister Modi in Mann Ki Baat address episode broadcasted on January 2015. The former United State's president had shared personal stories and gave insights over what it takes to achieve life goals.

The toll-free telephone lines were also introduced in September 2015 for connecting more people, especially the differently abled to connect with the radio program.

The 50th episode of this monthly program will be broadcasted on the entire network of AIR and Doordarshan. It is also live streamed on official YouTube channels of the Prime Minister's Office, Information and Broadcasting Ministry

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