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Mass COVID-19 Vaccine Drive Needed To Face 3rd Wave, Says IMA President, Dr JA Jayalal

The Indian Medical Association's top doctor has asserted that if a mass vaccination programme is not carried out in India then 3rd wave is bound to happen.

Vaccination, Dr JA Jayalal

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Amid several leading doctors urging citizens to get vaccinated, another such top health expert, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) National President, Dr JA Jayalal has come forward urging the same. Emphasizing the importance of vaccines, Dr Jayalal added that vaccination is the "only way forward". He also highlighted that without mass vaccination, it will be dangerous to face the third wave "which is bound to happen."

IMA National President Dr Jayalal has advised for door-to-door vaccination drive to combat the current crisis of COVID-19. 

He further added that a target of 60-70% vaccination must be completed within a few months. While answering the raised question of when should people who have recovered from the COVID-19 virus get vaccinated, the top doctor added that waiting for six months is a threat and it can again expose them to the infection. Advising the Government to reconsider the six months' time, the doctor also urged the Centre to make sure citizens are vaccinated at the earliest. 

Dr Jayalal lastly expressed his hopes for COVID-free India. 

"Government should reconsider it with scientific evidence and come out with objective that everyone in this country should get vaccinated at the earliest. So that we will be able to have a COVID-free India in near future," said Dr. JA Jayalal, President, Indian Medical Association. 

Vaccination- Top priority

Since the sudden outbreak of virus in the country, several top health experts including AIIMS chief, Dr. Guleria, pediatrician Dr. J Raj Kumar, doctors, health experts, Government officials, and even international medical experts have been urging citizens to get vaccinated to curb the spread of COVID-19. On Tuesday, America's Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the country's vaccines are effective against new and dangerous variants of COVID-19 and so getting the jab is most essential. 

India is trying to run a massive vaccination drive however, a shortage has been witnessed in several parts. To control the situation, the Government allowed vaccination of people above the age of 18 but still, some states are struggling to initiate the drive. The states, on the positive end, are also contributing to enhance the drive by floating global tenders to inoculate the citizens. Meanwhile, several foreign aids have also come forward including US's decision to provide COVID-19 vaccine raw materials for India's battle against virus.

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