MASSIVE: Two Women Claim To Have Entered The Sabarimala Sanctorum

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In a development which could be massive for gender equality, two women in their mid-40s have claimed that they managed to enter the Sabarimala sanctorum on the early morning of Wednesday

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Update at 5:51 PM: Protests happening outside the CM office in Trivandrum. BJP protesting, demanding women entry banned in Sabarimala.

Update at 5:24 PM: BJP leader Shobha Karandlaje hits out at the women who entered the Sabarimala temple, terms them not an Ayyappa devotee.

Update at 5:05 PM: 

Update at 5:00 PM: Protests in Kerala against the two women entering Sabarimala temple turns violent. A cop has been injured seriously from the stone pelting in Guruvayur.

Update at 3:40 PM: In my personal capacity & chairman of Parisangh I support the entry of women in ayyappa temple. How woman can be impure when man is born from her.God is omnipresent means he is out of temple too. In the eyes of constitution both genders are equal: Dr Udit Raj, Member of Parliament

Update at 10:05 AM: 

Update at 10:34 AM: Sabarimala gates closed after women claim to have entered the temple's sanctorum

In a development which could be massive for women's fight for gender equality, two women in their mid-40s have claimed that they managed to enter the Sabarimala sanctorum early in the morning on Wednesday.

Few videos have been making rounds, in which the women could be seen moving around inside the temple premises. It is suggested that they that they managed to make it inside the shrine of the Lord Ayyappa's temple through the staff gate at around 3:45 am. They were accompanied by few police officers, who were dressed in uniform as well as in civil.

'Save Sabarimala' campaigner Rahul Easwar doubted the claims of the women, and stated that if they were actually true, then the followers of Lord Ayyappa will double their efforts to make sure nothing of such sort repeats.

"We are verifying the pictures. We are not sure if they are true or not. When the PM himself said in support of Sabarimala, we feel we have a very good case in Supreme Court. Some anti-traditional things happened. We will definitely have a 'Shudhi Kriya' performed at Sabarimala. We will see to it that entire thing is done," he said.

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If the reports are true, then this is for the first time that any women under the age of 50 has managed to enter the temple premises since the Supreme Court's ruling in September, wherein the apex court ordered that women of all ages can enter the Sabarimala temple.

Ever since the historic judgment by the SC, women have tried to enter the temple on a number of occasions, but their efforts have always been thwarted by protests. Followers of Lord Ayyappa have reiterated that no matter what, they will not allow women from age group of 10-50 to enter the temple.

On Tuesday, lakhs of women joined hands and formed a 620-km long 'Women's wall', demanding gender equality in the form of entry into the Sabarimala temple. The women formed the wall from Kasargod in northern Kerala to the southernmost district of Thiruvananthapuram.

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