Meet Dadarao Bilhore: He Has Filled 576 Potholes In 3 Years With His Bare Hands After A Killer Pothole Claimed His Son's Life

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Dadarao Bilhore is on a mission to make safer streets for Mumbaikars

Written By Prashasti Shetty | Mumbai | Updated On:

Potholes are not a rare sight in the bustling city of Mumbai, but Dadarao Bilhore's mission is to make it a rarity. The father has set out on a mission to wash off killer potholes after he lost his 16-year-old son in an accident that took place on July 28, 2015. His son Prakash was returning home when the street claimed his life.

It has been 3 years and nothing has deterred Dadarao  from his mission. He has single-handedly leveled 576 pits with his bare hands, but he is not alone, as his determination has inspired many across the country to take up the cause.

He began his journey filling up a pothole outside his shop, and then in his area and continued doing so as and when he spotted one. Dadarao also mentioned how people from all walks of life are lending their support, "Doctors and engineers are joining hands with me," he said.

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"People to forget their pain and sorrow look away from what triggers it, but you on the other hand are taking it head on and working towards saving others," appreciating his feat, said ad man Piyush Pandey, who was also present on the panel.

He responded with, "Every time I fill a pothole, I feel it's a tribute to my son and with that I'm saving a Prakash somewhere."

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He hopes the government wakes up to their responsibilities after seeing the city dwellers fill up potholes.

Further adding Dadarao said that once a man on a national platform had said that potholes help in monitoring vehicular speeds which in turn accounts to lesser number of road accidents. "I don't want anybody to go through what I did, but if these people lose their near ones there'll be excellent roads made overnight," he said.

Dadarao now has a mobile application call 'Spothole' that helps people locate potholes.

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