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Mehul Choksi's Mystery Friend Barbara Jarabica Lifts Lid On The Stress She's Experiencing

After Mehul Choksi claimed that Barbara Jarabica was involved in his kidnapping, the mystery woman spoke to Republic TV and revealed what happened on May 23.

A day after Mehul Choksi in his bail hearing detailed his relationship with the 'mystery woman', who he has claimed was behind his 'abduction', Barbara Jarabica on Tuesday spoke exclusively to Republic Media Network. While detailing the incidents of May 23, when Choksi went missing, Barbara Jarabica said that she had last met him on that day. Speaking further, the mystery woman said that on the morning of May 23, she had breakfast with Choksi, who had booked a table for them at a hotel. 

Barbara Jarabica speaks to Republic TV

Barbara Jarabica told Republic TV, "On May 23, Mehul Choksi had booked a breakfast table. He was always the one coming up with plans. That was the last time I met him. We left after 9 o'clock and he was driving, which was unusual as most of the times I used to drive. We spent around 2-3 hours together and then headed back."

During her conversation with Republic TV's Executive Editor Niranjan Narayanaswamy,  Barabara claimed that she had no role in the abduction of the fugitive businessman. Stating that Mehul Choksi always approached her during her visit to Antigua last year, she said that the businessman had introduced himself as "Raj". "I was a friend of Choksi. Choksi introduced himself as Raj and approached me last year during my visit. He became friendly and later started flirting. He also gifted me diamond rings and bracelets that turned out to be fake," the mystery woman added. 

Barbara Jarabica said her name was dragged into the fiasco by Choksi's lawyers and family members and she has nothing to do with his kidnapping. Alleging that her name is being dragged by Choksi's lawyers and family members, she said that her entire family is currently under deep stress. 

Responding to the allegations, Barbara Jarabica said on Tuesday that Mehul Choksi was initially friendly and did not flirt with her, but that changed later. "He started to like me and in April, he gave me a diamond bracelet and he told me that he likes me a lot and that I was his soulmate," she said. Jarabica also mentioned that she recently discovered that the bracelet gifted to her had "very good fake diamonds".

According to Barbara, she entered into an agreement with Mehul Choksi to do business together in May of this year. He even asked her to settle on the Caribbean island. However, Choksi later became "obsessive". She said, "We had a bit of an argument when he tried to kiss me at his office."

In WhatsApp chats between Barbara Jarabica and Mehul Choksi, he [as Raj] can be seen asking her to return to Antigua. "Pls pls comeback. for me you are the most fun to have on this beautiful island," a message sent to Barbara on April 21 reads. Barbara Jarabica says the charges of abduction may have come from Choksi's family and lawyers. "If I had to do an abduction why would I use my name," she added.

Mehul Choksi admits 'friendship' with 'mystery woman' Barbara in complaint copy

Contrary to this, Republic TV has also accessed Mehul Choksi's complaint to the Dominica Police where the fugitive has detailed his relationship with 'mystery woman' Barbara who he has claimed was behind his 'abduction.' In the complaint, Mehul Choksi has officially admitted to his friendship with Barbara, and has acknowledged that he had known her for close to a year. 

The diamantaire has stated that Barbara resided opposite his residence in Jolly Harbour since 2020. He has also shared that she was friendly with his staff, met and interacted with him regularly, and the two would often go on walks together in the evening.

This had come after Mehul Choksi's wife Priti Choksi's previous statements to Republic TV. Last week, Mehul Choksi's wife said that she did not know 'Barbara' personally and that Mehul Choksi had first met her in August 2020 after she occupied a home opposite them. Priti Choksi had also revealed that the 'mystery woman' would go on walks with Mehul Choksi to public beaches and claimed that she had once insisted on going to a secluded place to which her husband had denied and had suggested going to dinner instead. Barbara has contradicted this completely.

"The authorities are looking into that (mystery woman leaving Antigua) and they believe that she left the island very soon after this happened. I believe the investigations are on & I wouldn't know more than that,' Priti Choksi told Republic TV in an exclusive interview.

Mehul Choksi claimed abduction

While reports stated that Mehul Choksi allegedly escaped Antigua & Barbuda fearing revocation of his citizenship, his lawyer maintained that the fugitive was kidnapped by sub-contractors of an agency, with the involvement of a woman 'well-known to the family' who reportedly 'honey-trapped him. Speaking to Republic TV Mehul Choksi's lawyer Vijay Aggarwal had said, "Everything was going perfect for Mehul Choksi in Antigua. I see no reason, why he would decide to escape from there."

Republic TV accessed footage of a middle-aged man who is perceived to be the 'mastermind' behind Mehul Choksi's escape plan. It is being stated that Choksi before entering Dominica had first made a failed bid to escape from Antigua and Barbuda to Cuba. He later landed up in Dominica as he failed in his plan which entailed the use of the sea route. This comes in complete contrast to the 'kidnapping' and 'honey trapping' claims made by Choksi's lawyer.


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