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Exclusive: Mohan Bhagwat On Indian Education: 'It Will Take Time But Change Has Begun'

Mohan Bhagwat spoke to Republic TV about the Indian Education system said that a different ideology was spread from 1860 till 2014 and now the change has begun.

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In an exclusive interview with Republic Media Network, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat shed light on the Veer Savarkar's contribution towards India's freedom struggle. Significantly, the RSS Chief talked about the incidents that are not found in the history books of the nation. When asked when will the country see a change in the syllabus of the Indian education system, Mohan Bhagwat said that the change has begun and it will take some time for complete development in the Indian syllabus.

RSS Chief said the efforts to spread a particular ideology went on from 1860 till 2014 so it will take some extra time to change that. 

"It will take some time. See in India they have used the concept of 'say a lie 100 times and it will become the truth' but the truth will emerge. The efforts to spread a particular ideology started in 1860 and went on till 2014, more than 140 years. It had a severe effect on our society and it will take time to go. The truth will come out eventually as the process has been initiated," added RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat.

Mohan Bhagwat further cited the example of Russia and said that the Communist regime over there tried to whitewash the country's history while highlighting 'Catherine the great' and 'Peter the great'.

Mohan Bhagwat talks on Veer Savarkar:

While talking about Savarkar's contributions not shown in the syllabus, the RSS Chief narrated a freedom struggle chapter where every small participation mattered the most. 

"There was a man in Sangli, his responsibility was to carry Vasant Dada Patil in 1942 to Station Vishram Grah Railway Station through the jungle road as he was going to break the jail and he did it. I have met him four times. The British collectors have all reports, they have kept all the records of India's smallest freedom steps but nothing on books. The change is necessary," concluded Mohan Bhagwat.

The RSS chief also revealed that the concept of 'Right Wing' and 'Left Wing' has come from outside India while talking about the participation of every individual to get India freedom from British rule. 'There was no such thing as left or right, everyone participated coming together,' added RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat. 

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