EXCLUSIVE: MoS PMO Dr. Jitendra Singh Condemns Sharjeel Imam's 'Break India' Threat

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Speaking exclusively with Republic TV on Sharjeel Imam’s ‘Break India’ remark, MoS PMO Dr. Jitendra Singh on Saturday issued a strong condemnation of the same.

Written By Akhil Oka | Mumbai | Updated On:

Speaking exclusively with Republic Media Network’s Political Editor Aishwarya Kapoor on Sharjeel Imam’s ‘Cut off Assam from India’ remark, MoS PMO Dr. Jitendra Singh on Saturday condemned this as an attempt to undo the good work done by the Narendra Modi government. Moreover, he contended that such utterances were unheard of even in other major democracies of the world. Dr. Singh opined that the North East had been totally amalgamated in India due to the persistent efforts of the government.  

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Dr. Jitendra Singh remarked, “My first thought is that it is absolutely appalling. As far as North East is concerned, let’s not forget that there has been tremendous effort and diligent work in the last 5-6 years. As a result, North East today stands totally amalgamated with the rest of India. When we came in 2014, there were descriptions like the mainland, hinterland. When a Union Minister visited the North East, there was a tendency to describe him as a minister from India. All this has gone now with a lot of effort done by Prime Minister Modi himself. He is a Prime Minister who visited the North East not less than 30-35 times.” 

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He added, “This thought process wants to undo all the good that has been done. Just recall before 2014, North East made the news for all the wrong reasons, whether it was crime or unjust treatment meted out to North East youth. North East today is the favourite destination for start-ups from all over India. Not only anti-national, but this is also unheard in any part of the world, even in the so-called emancipated democracies of the world, you have certain waterlines. You don’t make utterances which tend to question the integrity of the nation as well.” 

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'They have totally exposed themselves'

The MoS PMO questioned whether individuals like Imam wanted to push the North East into a situation of mayhem. Thereafter, he reiterated that the youths of the North East would never buy this narrative. Maintaining that this was a ploy to gain mileage in the political arena, Dr. Singh predicted that the country would never forgive Imam.  

The MoS PMO said, “Besides this, do they wish to push the North East into the same kind of mayhem which it was before 2014? We had road blockades happening before 2014 for months together. This means that there is a group of these people who are not comfortable with all that has been done by the Modi government. I think this is absolutely outrageous. The greatest strength of the North East today is the aspirational youth of the North East. Therefore, they will never succeed in their design. They have exposed their real intention.” 

He elaborated, “It’s more out of desperation to seek some kind of mileage, some kind of space into the political arena. The youths are awakened enough. They are not going to be taken in by all this. I agree with you. They have totally exposed themselves and the nation is not going to forgive them.” 

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