MP Women Inspectors Confront Journalist Spreading Fake News About Them

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Republic TV has accessed on Friday a video of two women traffic inspectors in Madhya Pradesh's Sagar berating a journalist for writing baseless stories on them

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Updated On:

Busting the fake news reported by a journalist, Republic TV has accessed on Friday a video of two women traffic inspectors in Madhya Pradesh's Sagar berating a journalist for writing baseless stories about them, maligning their character. Visuals show the traffic inspectors along with their male colleagues confronting the journalist. The journalist is seen apologising for his story. He has admitted that the story was fictitious.  

Traffic cops confront journalist for fake news

Rita Singh - the traffic inspector from Civil lines area is seen asking, "Why did you put that? What have you written about me and Moti Nagar TI? What have we done? How are we fugitives? What do you think of yourself?"

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Joining her colleague, Sangita Singh - the traffic inspector from Moti Nagar is seen reprimanding the journalist saying, "You have been given a right to write. That does not mean that you can comment on anybody's character. How dare you write that? No what is all this? Is this the way to work?"

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Journalist apologises for fake story

On being confronted, the journalist is seen saying sorry. But the women officers have questioned the basis for his article. They are further seen asking whether he based his assumptions on the fact that they were women. They also reminded him that maligning any woman's character without basis is punishable by crime.

After severe reprimand from the inspectors, the journalist is seen admitting that it was a fictional story. On being urged to read his article, he read out, " This is about Rita Singh and Sangita Singh. Both of them are lazy, they are fugitives. Both these women officers are fugitives, they are dacoits. Both of them take bribes, they abuse and use foul language all the time. Both take bribe from ricksha pullers, truck drivers. Both compete as to who will take more bribe. Both are gamblers. One of them has looted 5 lakhs from a gambling house and other looted 15 lakhs."

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The Fake news menace

Fake news has been an ongoing menace throughout the nation. Unverified reports have been mainly plaguing Kashmir since the abrogation of article 370. Many including politicians have fearmongered over the ground situation in Kashmir. Kashmir police have time and again stifled such reports. The J&K police said that the detainees had made sensitive remarks disturbing law and order in the region. J&K police had been warning the citizens about mischievous people attempting to instigate the public by spreading rumours and fake posts to disturb peace in the Valley.  

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