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MUST SEE: Meet The IAF Heroes Who Saved The Citizens In Jammu In A Dramatic Rescue Op

Written By Joel Kurian | Mumbai | Published:


  • The IAF saved the lives of two fishermen stuck at an under construction dam in Tawi river in merely 28 minutes
  • The officers said they can feel proud and called themselves ‘fortunate’ about being able to save two lives and two families
  • The IAF group captain termed it as a ‘very challenging’ mission achieved by ‘clinical precision’

The Indian Air Force showcased mighty precision in saving the lives of two fishermen stuck at an under construction dam in Tawi river in Jammu in merely 28 minutes on Monday. 

In a goosebump-inducing video, IAF officers are seen descending from an Mi-17 helicopter on a concrete surface where the two are stranded. The officer then puts up the harness over the two, before they are airlifted by a rescue line. The locals seeing the mind-blowing efforts are seen clicking pictures and videos and even cheering when the IAF successfully completes the mission.  

The IAF Group Commando Sandeep Singh said he received a call from the Divisional Commissioner about two fishermen trapped in the swollen River Tawi. Their senior gave them the go-ahead. The IAF officer came out to guide the team and termed it as a ‘very challenging’ mission achieved by ‘clinical precision.’ The officer also said that they have been trained for such missions and that risking one’s lives for others is a basic principle of their job.  

Wing commander Mukul Khare and co-pilot Commander Prem Pratik revealed that the timeline was the biggest challenge for them since the launch had to be in time. They added that the ground control helped them by giving a heads up on the situation. They faced an obstruction at the area and the space was also less for the helicopter to hover around. The IAF also had to tweak their strategy due to the constraints, the officers shared. 

The duo also revealed that they analysed factors like bird activities while co-ordinating with each other through live commentary. 

However, they stated that they are well equipped and well trained for such situations and regularly practice too. Several aircraft are on standby for such missions, they said. The first attempt to land was not successful, but they took cues from the unsuccessful try. 

 They also narrated the specific roles the officers followed and added, “Our country is in safe hands, we will always be there for the country.” 

The officers who came down credited the brilliant crew co-ordination and added that they can feel proud and called themselves ‘fortunate’ about being able to save two lives and two families. One of them even got injured due to the thrust between the pressure between air and water. They however, stated that they trusted their equipment and their pilots. 

The officers also stated that their only priority was to bring them out as early as possible since the water speed and level kept increasing, posing a high risk for the fishermen.   

(Watch the video above)