MUST WATCH: Here Is What Defence Experts Are Saying About India's Strike Against Pak Terror

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Indian government has stated it will not bulge and continue being on the offensive against the Pakistan government, which is not ready to act against terror groups camping in the country

Written By Narayan R | Mumbai | Updated On:

A number of Defence experts spoke exclusively to Republic TV about the recent developments surrounding India and Pakistan. In the past couple of days, the Indian armed forces not only destroyed three terror camps of JeM, but also thwarted Pakistan Air Force's attempt to infiltrate into Indian airspace and attack army bases.

Indian government has stated it will not bulge and continue being on the offensive against the Pakistan government, which is not ready to act against terror groups camping in the country.

And the defence personnel in India feel that such strong steps by the armed forces were needed. Here's what they said while speaking to Republic TV:

Major General GD Bakshi (Retd): Pakistan today is trying to claim moral equivalence. We, as per international law, took the route of hot pursuit, which is sanctioned by international law. We hit the terrorist installations and our Foreign Ministry went to inordinate lengths to say that it was a non-military strike. It was quite a misnomer in terms because we had used military aircrafts. What they were trying to say was we have only hit terrorist targets. So Pakistan has no locus standi to retaliate on our military. What Pakistan has proved is, Jaish-e-Mohammed is a part of their miliary and their military will retaliate on our military for tackling the terrorist menace.

Wing Commandor Praful Bakshi: The fight which is going, in that true and false messages are spread, truth is spoken and also kept hidden. But the real point as it goes is that the main matter will be kept only in talks. Till the time our armed forces don't get involved.....the fight is for PoK. It is ours. Pakistan is trying to save it, and for that, it is showing its aggression, and what we are doing is giving a response to that aggression.

Lt General Raj Kadyan: I feel pity for Imran Khan. Firstly he said that if India attacks, we won't think before giving a response. Day before yesterday, he promised investigation if India gives evidence for Pulwama. When we attacked the terrorist base, he said India has every right to investigate. Today he is saying there should be talks. He is a script leader.

Despite global pressure and irrefutable evidences suggesting Pakistan provides shelter to terror outfits, Imran Khan and his government have remained in denial. They are yet to take any kind of action action against Jaish-e-Mohammed - orchestrator of Pulwama attack - and haven't even accepted that the terror outfit has its roots in Pakistan.

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Relations between India and Pakistan took a serious hit following the Pulwama attack, but the events in the past two days has made it clear that India will go all out until the time Pakistan takes a strong stand against terrorism and perpetrators of the February 14 attack.

On Tuesday, the Indian Air Force stormed inside the Pakistan territory and carried out a successful strike. Terror camps belonging to JeM, also used by other organizations like Hizbul and LeT, were blown away by 16 Mirage 2000s in an operation which lasted 17 minutes.

A spooked Pakistan resorted to cheap tricks on Wednesday by attempting to infiltrate the Indian airspace. Though, their efforts were unsuccessful as the Indian Air Force shot down one of Pakistan's F-16 while sending back the other two.

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