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MUST-WATCH | 'We Hit The Target. Had We Bombed The Jungle, There'd Be No Need For Him To Respond': IAF Chief BS Dhanoa Silences 'show Proof' Lobby

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

IAF Chief BS Dhanoa has silenced those among the opposition who had latched on to Pakistan's claim that the Indian Air Force's strike on Pak's terror camps caused no casualties, confirming at a press briefing in Coimbatore that the Air Force hit its target, as intended.

"The target has been completely amplified by the Foreign Secretary, and of course, if we plan to hit the target, we hit the target. Otherwise, why would he have responded? If we had dropped bombs in the jungle, there is no need for him to respond", Air Force Chief BS Dhanoa said.

He was then asked "How many terrorists have been killed?"

To this, the IAF Chief said, "That statement will be made by the government. IAF is not in a position to clarify how many people were inside at that time. We don't count human casualties, we count what targets we have hit or not hit. the bomb damage assessment calculates how many you have hit or have not been able to hit. We can't count how many people have died, that depends on how many people were there."

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All through Monday morning, the Congress party made numerous statements via Twitter and otherwise questioning the potency of the IAF's strike on Pakistan's terror factories across the LoC, despite the IAF having earlier also confirmed that India had hit the intended targets and caused the intended damage.

It began with Kapil Sibal citing foreign media, holding it more sacrosanct than the security forces and asking:

Then, in a shocking statement, Navjot Singh Sidhu posted a shameful and derogatory remark to buttress his question:

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