Muzaffarpur Mass Rape: Sting On 3 Key-players Suggests Police Might Have Arrested A Whistleblower To Hide Cover-up

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While the national outrage is growing against Bihar Chief Minister NItish Kumar, Republic TV has been forcing spotlight on the mass rape cover-up in Muzaffarpur.

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While the national outrage is growing against Bihar Chief Minister NItish Kumar, Republic TV has been forcing spotlight on the mass rape cover-up in Muzaffarpur. Republic TV has stung 3 key players which explodes one big cover-up claim. In the first sting, Republic TV shows how the investigating officer gives a clean chit to the netas and instead questions the victims.


Investigating Officer Jyoti Kumari in a brazen attempt to clear Brajesh Thakur’s aide Rajesh Roshan’s name said that none of the girls took the name of Rajesh Roshan, if someone must have, they must have been mistaken.

“None of the children spoke about Rajesh Roshan, maybe by mistake, Brajesh sir Brajesh sir, even the kids fumble sometimes,” said Jyoti Kumari.

The family of Ravi Roshan (Child Protection Officer, Muzaffarpur), who has been arrested in the case, has been claiming that Rajesh Roshan had been named by the victims, but his name was replaced by Ravi’s name. The family has also claimed that Ravi was in fact the whistleblower in the case, who was exposing the atrocities at the shelter home. They have also been claiming that Ravi Roshan had even written a letter to the Bihar government narrating what the victims were going through in the shelter home and expressing the need for CCTV cameras.

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Jyoti Kumari also claimed that neither the name of Bihar Minister Manju Verma or the name of her husband has emerged in the probe.

“Till now this name (Manju Verma) has not emerged in my investigations, no where has this name emerged. No where has it (Manju Verma’s husband’s name) emerged. It has not come emerged in my investigations, if it came later then only CBI knows about it. Let CBI investigate it,” she said.

However, Ravi Roshan in his statement had alleged that the husband of Bihar Minister Manju Verma used to visit the NGO and was allegedly involved in the exploitation of minors.

Rajesh Roshan is one of the promoters of the NGO and an aide of Brajesh Thakur.

However, reacting to the claims of Ravi Kumar's family, the investigating officer said, "They saw the photo, they said he is Roshan sir, he did wrong things with us. Wrong means they raped them. No innocent person was framed. Based on what the girls said, they might not be but will we decide that? Will a cop decide that she is psychologically unwell. She seemed normal."

She also questioned the victims saying, “if the girl was wrong then get a psychological test done that she is mental, completely mental. the girls were getting angry.

While further blaming the victims, Jyoti Kumari said:

"She said a lot of uncles would come. They all would give us toffees and would ask us if there's any issue but they wouldn't speak up out of fear of getting beaten up. What do we write in that? Someone who gave toffees, should we call him an accused? What will those young girls know about Manju Verma? Who Manju Verma? Whoever gives them toffees will become the greatest for them. Right or wrong? It didn't come into my notice. If the CBI is able to get it then it's a big thing."

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In the second tape, Devesh Sharma (District Child Protection Unit) who had identified all the accused in the mass rape case contradicted police claim and also said the report he received didn’t name anyone. He also claimed that the cops asked for the list of employees in the NGO and that everyone named in the list is not a culprit.

"If I did get an FIR registered, you can check it, there are no names in it. The report that I got had no names in it. The report just mentioned about abuse in a shelter home. On that basis we got an FIR registered. It had no names. We did not name anyone. The cops asked for a list of all those working with the NGO. So, we gave them the list. But providing that list does not mean that everyone named in it is a culprit," said Devesh Sharma.

Sharma also said that Manju Verma's husband visited the NGO before his tenure there. 

“He did not visit during my tenure. I am here since 4th August 2017, but he hasn't been here since then. The person in-charge before me told me that Director sir and the Minister had visited. But they did not visit since I took charge,” he said.

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In the third clip, a Child Protection Unit Employee questions the police crackdown hinting at an alleged police conspiracy.


On Ravi Roshan's arrest, he said that he worked with him for 3 years and can say that he was a person of good nature.

"He came here, one year back in August. In one year he did so much. He didn't get the credit he deserved. He was troubled more. FIR was done, pamphlets were distributed in 3 places. There is no one to give credit. Everyone is blaming him," said the employee.

He also said that Ravi Roshan was not a person who would look at women in an appropriate fashion.

"He was not the kind of person to look at women in an inappropriate fashion. But, still such an allegation has been placed on him. Now, the matter has gone to the court. the court will take the decision. I have worked with him for 3 years. He wasn't this type of a person. I have worked with him for three years. I know his nature and everything," said the CPO employee.

Over 30 minor girls were raped in Muzaffarpur shelter home over a period of time. Brajesh Thakur is the main accused in the mass rape case. The CBI had taken over the investigation from Muzaffarpur's Mahila Police Station, where the case was registered on May 31. 

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chairperson Swati Jaihind on Saturday in a letter to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar asked about steps taken by the state government for the rehabilitation of the victims in the Muzaffarpur shelter home case.


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