Navratri Cheer At Ahmedabad Airport, Watch Passengers Playing Garba

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In an astounding video, a group of people were seen playing Garba at Ahmedabad airport at 3 am in the morning highlighting the spirit of Navratri

Written By Prachi Mankani | Mumbai | Updated On:

From adorned puja pandals to authentic food combinations, we witness something unusual every Navratri. In an astounding video, a group of people was seen playing Garba at the Ahmedabad International airport at 3 in the morning. Navratri, which means ‘Nine-nights’ in Sanskrit, is a nine-day festival which is famous in various parts of India and is celebrated by Hindus all over the country with great energy and enthusiasm. It is a colorful festival in which nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped.

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Impromptu Garba at 3 am

In the video, a group was seen performing Garba in the middle of the airport which highlights the spirit of the Navratri. Passengers and the airport staff were also seen doing the Garba. In a similar incident during the last Navratri, a first-ever Garba flash-mob was performed at SVPI Ahmedabad airport. The staff of every airline performed in the Garba flash-mob at both international and domestic terminal of the Ahmedabad airport.

Navratri is one of the most sacred periods in the Hindi calendar and is celebrated with pomp and show across the country. The festival of Navratri comes with a promise of nine days filled with fun, frolic, dance, and festivities all around. It is one of the most vivacious festivals celebrated in the country.

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Unusual Navratri celebrations

For many, body painting tattoos on social issues are also a part of the Navratri celebrations this year. People have been visiting tattoo studios to get themselves painted with tattoos on social issues such as Article 370 or that of the Chandrayaan-2.

An innovative idea that a Vadodra based designer has come up with to make the festival more special, is to tailor special Garba dresses on the theme of abrogation of Article 370 and ensuing nullification of 35 A in Jammu and Kashmir. The designer Rahul Thakkar is famous for coming up with innovative ideas and themes every year. This year, after picking the Kashmir issue as the theme, he designed a Kurta for men with the text 'RIP Article 370, 35A' written in the top right corner. Additionally, for women, he designed a special lehenga with the same text.

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