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NCP Vs BJP | Nawab Malik's Son Faraz Malik Denies Fadnavis' Charges; Says ‘land Purchase Not Illegal’

Refuting all allegations by ex-CM Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday, NCP minister Nawab Malik's son Faraz Malik claimed that the 2005 land deal was legitimate

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Refuting all allegations by ex-CM Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday, NCP minister Nawab Malik's son Faraz Malik claimed that the land deal was legitimate. Speaking exclusively to Republic TV, Faraz Malik said that he had bought the piece of land from Salim Patel and the evaluation of the land was done prior to the deal. Refuting ever meeting Haseena Parkar (Dawood's sister), Faraz Malik said that there were 400 tenants currently residing in that land.

Faraz Malik responds to Fadnavis' allegations

Speaking to Republic TV, he said, "Around 400 people live (tenant) here, I have a list of all who live here on this land. His allegations are wrong. Salim Patel was the landlord. I was a tenant here, then I bought this land from Salim Patel. Evaluation of land has been done before we bought it. This land is not illegal and has not been bought even at work cost. I do not know Haseena Parkar and have never met her."

Fadnavis makes D-gang claims against Nawab Malik

Earlier in the day, ex-Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis alleged that NCP minister Nawab Malik's son was involved in an alleged land deal with one Salim Patel who had links to Dawood Ibrahim. He further alleged that Malik's son Faraz Malik had bought a 2.8-acre land which was owned by Sardar Shah Wali Khan - a convict of 1993 Mumbai blast case, during Malik's tenure as minister in 2005. Sharing documents for all his allegations, Fadnavis claimed that he will submit them to Sharad Pawar and competent authorities.

Detailing the alleged land deal between Malik's son and Salim Patel, he said, "There is a land in Bandra-Kurla area (BKC) - Goawalla compound owned by Sardar Shah Wali Khan. This 2.8 acre land at LBS road was sold to Solidus investments pvt Ltd in September 2005 - which is Nawab Mallik’s family company. One of the signatories in the deal is Faraz Malik (Nawab Malik's son)." He alleged that the land was bought at undervalued rates and questioned why Malik's family was involved in deals with bomb-accused. He asked, "There were TADA charges against them. So was the property transferred to you so that it is not seized?"

Fadnavis vs Nawab Malik

Last Monday, NCP minister  Nawab Malik alleged that ex-Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis had links with 'drug mafia'. Tweeting a photo of one Jaideep Rana with Amruta Fadnavis, he pointed out that Rana had recently been arrested in a drug trafficking case. Retorting to the 'drug mafia' allegations, Fadnavis refuted any relations with Rana, stating that he was part of the private firm had been employed to shoot the River song. Considering criminal defamation, he alleged that Nawab Malik had links with the underworld and he would present all facts - post-Diwali.

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