Netizens Declare Petrol The 'Best Gift' As Fuel Prices Surge

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Wedding gifts are usually a tricky buy but it looks like people have found a hack to that one. The new fad appears to be to present petrol

Written By Prashasti Shetty | Mumbai | Updated On:

Wedding gifts are usually a tricky buy but it looks like people have found a hack to that one. The new fad appears to be to present petrol. Bizarre as it sounds, there's no denying that it's a useful gift. And voila; netizens have been going gaga over a picture of petrol playing the hero at a couple's wedding reception. 

Not too long ago, a pair of newlyweds in Tamil Nadu received two bottles of fuel and now here's another duo posing, this time with a can. This post got social media buzzing with netizens awarding petrol the status of being the 'best gift'.

While speaking to ANI, here's what Vijay, one of the couple's friends, said: "It was a move to make the government aware. We hope that the government will take some measures in this regard."

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 Declaring it a well thought of gift, netizens have gone all out, here's what conspired on Twitter. Take a look!

Some hailed it as a 'costly' buy:

Some used it to take pot-shots at the government:

While the Twitterati chose to laugh it off by seeing the humourous side the matter has become a hot political flashpoint as it directly or indirectly affects everyone in the country. The central and state government have faced enormous criticism over the high levy of taxes on fuel, with citizens demanding relief. In Delhi, the fuel prices recorded on Tuesday were Rs. 82.25 per litre for petrol and Rs. 73.99 per litre for diesel, while in Mumbai the price was Rs. 89.63 per litre of petrol and Rs. 78.51 per litre of diesel. In some parts of the state the prices have even toppled the Rs 90 per litre mark.


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