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NHRC Urges Manipur Government To Take Swift Action In Ending Violence

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) directed the Manipur government to ensure that no further violence takes place in the state.

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The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Tuesday directed the Manipur government to ensure that no further violence takes place in the strife-torn northeastern state.

In a statement issued late night, the NHRC has also asked the state government to inform it about the relief and rehabilitation of the victims affected by the ethnic violence.

"The authorities are directed to ensure that no further violence, which resulted in violation of human rights, takes place," the human rights panel said.

The NHRC has observed that "in most of the matters relating to violation of human rights due to continued violence in the state of Manipur, the action taken reports sought by it from the state government are awaited".

"Therefore, it becomes imperative to know what actions have been taken by the concerned authority in the series of incidents that kept on happening for a considerable period and the disturbances are continuing for a pretty long time," the statement said.

The Commission, without arriving at any final decision at this stage in all the complaints registered by it in the series of incidents, would like to know the efforts made by authorities on various points, such as the quantum of compensation awarded as of now to the victims, and number of persons and family members who have been covered under the compensation scheme, it said.

The NHRC said it has also asked about the steps taken for the rehabilitation of the victims and next of kin of the deceased, and number of persons or families of the victims rehabilitated as on date.

Also, whether the process of compassionate employment to the next of kin of the deceased, who died due to unfortunate violence, has been initiated or not and what is the stage of such process, the NHRC has asked.

The Commission has also asked about the steps taken by the authorities concerned to "promote harmony and restore common brotherhood" with a view to save human lives and to protect the properties, both private and public, abjure violence, particularly against the women and to promote fraternity and the spirit of brotherliness amongst the community, the statement said.

The NHRC also expects that enough measures should be taken to prevent the communities to resort to violence, and to maintain peace, harmony and togetherness so as to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood, one of the important Fundamental Duties, so enshrined in Article 51(A) of the Constitution, it added.

Without making any observation with regard to the steps taken by the authorities, it is directed that rehabilitative measures be initiated and offer of compensation to the victims or their families should be "continued uninterruptedly and without any discrimination or arbitrariness".  It is also observed that the process shall be expedited and the Commission may be intimated by a comprehensive action taken report within two weeks, the statement said. 

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